Los Protegidos
Los Protegidos



First Aired

Jan 12, 2010


Los Protegidos


Network: Antena 3

Status: Ended


The protected tells the story of a number of people living in the fictional town of Lost Valley posing as a family, Castillo Rey. The reason, the supernatural powers that unless the "fathers" of this family, possessed by members of the same, which lead them to be chased by a group of people with unknown intentions. Its members are Mario (Antonio Garrido) and his son Carlos (Daniel Avilés), a child who mastered telekinesis, Jimena (Angie Cepeda), whose daughter Blanca, endowed with precognitive powers was kidnapped by people who hide themselves Culebra ( Luis Fernandez), a teenager with the ability to become invisible at will, Sandra (Ana Fernandez), holder of a power related to electricity, the little Lucy (Priscilla Delgado), adopted daughter of a social worker and has the ability to read people's thoughts and Lucas (Mario March), a boy of 14 years with the option of transforming into other people whose complete arrival later this singular family, which after fleeing their homes must hide his secret from their neighbors and coworkers and new studies. Its aim will be live as if you have always known, lead a normal life as possible, without their neighbors and find out they are not such a family and children have peculiar powers.


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¿Y ahora qué?

Episode 1

It all starts on a stormy night. Jimena, a normal... Read more

Ya Vienen los Reyes

Episode 2

It is the morning of kings, but "protected" dont have... Read more

Los niños no dicen mentiras

Episode 3

The arrival of Silvestre to the home of the Castillo... Read more

El robo

Episode 4

The Castillo family continues its "normal" and Lucas, adapting to... Read more

El piñatón

Episode 5

Mario (Antonio Garrido) is not willing to hide their children... Read more

El mutante

Episode 6

Sandra strange earring beloved, who gave him his sister and... Read more

Somos lo que somos

Episode 7

The Mario and Jimena savings begin to dwindle and Jimena... Read more

El accidente

Episode 8

Snake will have an accident in which D. Andrew and... Read more

Cierra los ojos

Episode 9

Culebra has its own problems: a professor faces, showing their... Read more

Secretos y limones

Episode 10

Lucas and Hugo are preparing for the basketball championship. A... Read more

Lazos de sangre

Episode 11

Los padres de Lucas han tenido noticias de que su... Read more

Pide un deseo

Episode 12

Jimena and Mario returned disappointed to their appointment with the... Read more

El último día en el Valle Perdido

Episode 13

Jimena is not, but the family no one has noticed,... Read more

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