Los misterios de Laura
Los misterios de Laura



First Aired

Jul 27, 2009


Los misterios de Laura


Network: TVE

Status: Ended


Laura Lebrel has to make compatible her labors of wife, housewife and mother of two five-year-old twins with her work as police officer. But she is not an usual officer... She neither bases on scientific tests, nor controls the psychological analysis. His weapon is the intuition and the instinct, which they will lead her to dismantling the most perfect alibi. If the innocence and the inopportuneness were rewarded, Laura would be the most decorated officer of the police force. But often the pieces that form the perfect crimes that she helps to solve are much simpler that the pieces than shape his own life


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El misterio de la habitación sellada

Episode 1

Gerardo, el superior de Laura tiene que proteger a un... Read more

El misterio del vecindario perfecto

Episode 2

Asistimos a la celebración de una barbacoa en un vecindario... Read more

El misterio de la coartada perfecta

Episode 3

Cuando una mujer va a reunirse con su amante en... Read more

El misterio de la escena del crimen

Episode 4

Durante la grabación para televisión de una obra teatral, asesinan... Read more

El misterio del loro azul

Episode 5

Un Chef de reconocido prestigio fallece en su restaurante. Laura,... Read more

El misterio del cadáver anunciado

Episode 6

Laura pierde la visión durante unas horas tras sufrir un... Read more

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