Life On Top
Life On Top


Drama,Special Interest,

First Aired

Oct 03, 2009


Life On Top


Network: Cinemax

Status: Ended


LIFE ON TOP is an erotic television series exploring the sex-filled adventures of four young women striving to make it in Manhattan: Sophie, an ambitious but naïve business school graduate who just broke up with her college boyfriend and has moved to New York to start a new life as a businesswoman; Sophie's older sister Bella, a very successful and much-in-demand erotic model with plenty of scandalous secrets to reveal; Sophie's best friend Maya, who can't seem to hold a job (or a man) for very long without getting bored; and Bella's best friend Cassia, an underappreciated chef who longs to make her own mark in the culinary world.


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Ready to Rock

Episode 1

Bella explores her options for her career and her love... Read more

Inner Animal

Episode 2

Melissa becomes curious about her "inner animal" after Bella provides... Read more


Episode 3

Bella, Melissa, Regina and Parisian visitor Lena bet on who... Read more


Episode 4

Lena's effort to find an angle for her cookbook and... Read more

Ladies Night

Episode 5

When Elizabeth cuts her budget, Melissa falls back on "Ladies... Read more

Wedding Sex

Episode 6

Melissa helps a college friend plan her wedding with help... Read more

Farmer and the Bella

Episode 7

Doug takes a chance with a sexy guest DJ; Bella... Read more

The Phucket List

Episode 8

With help from Melissa, Regina gets creative in an effort... Read more

The Ex-Files

Episode 9

Avi's ex-wife becomes a Venticap client leading to some passionate... Read more


Episode 10

A power outage brings the truth to light; secrets about... Read more

Bad Luck Chuck

Episode 11

Regina learns she is dating a 'good luck Chuck'--a guy... Read more

The Angelina Effect

Episode 12

Sexy new bartender Nikki sparks erotic fantasies in men and... Read more


Episode 13

In the Season Two finale, Tippi makes a decision about... Read more

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