Life On Top
Life On Top


Drama,Special Interest,

First Aired

Oct 03, 2009


Life On Top


Network: Cinemax

Status: Ended


LIFE ON TOP is an erotic television series exploring the sex-filled adventures of four young women striving to make it in Manhattan: Sophie, an ambitious but naïve business school graduate who just broke up with her college boyfriend and has moved to New York to start a new life as a businesswoman; Sophie's older sister Bella, a very successful and much-in-demand erotic model with plenty of scandalous secrets to reveal; Sophie's best friend Maya, who can't seem to hold a job (or a man) for very long without getting bored; and Bella's best friend Cassia, an underappreciated chef who longs to make her own mark in the culinary world.


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Sister Act

Episode 1

Sophie, who's wrapped up business school, experiences an unexpectedly eventful... Read more

Working Girls

Episode 2

As Sophie comes to terms with Bella's secret lifestyle, she... Read more


Episode 3

Sophie receives an unusual proposition from Avi and looks to... Read more

Ménage a Top

Episode 4

Things heat up between Sophie and Avi when they team... Read more

Tied, But Not Tied Down

Episode 5

Sophie can't stop thinking about her night with Avi and... Read more

Girls Night Out

Episode 6

Bella and Andre have a sexy afternoon rendezvous. Sophie sees... Read more

Down for the Count

Episode 7

Bella and Andre's relationship takes an unexpected turn. Maya has... Read more

First Date

Episode 8

Sophie's date with Tai ends with a surprising twist. After... Read more

Blame It on Brazil

Episode 9

Sophie explores her newfound sexual confidence. Bella accompanies Vincent on... Read more

Birthday Suit

Episode 10

As her birthday approaches, Bella worries about getting older while... Read more

Growing Pains

Episode 11

Bella continues to struggle with getting older; Sophie makes her... Read more

All In

Episode 12

Sophie's recreational gambling takes a serious turn when Tai ups... Read more

Happy Endings

Episode 13

In the season finale, Cassia realizes her dream of opening... Read more

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