Law & Order
Law & Order



First Aired

Dec 31, 1969


Law & Order


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


"In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories." Filmed entirely on location in New York, the realistic program looks at crime and justice from a dual perspective. In the first half-hour, Detective Cyrus Lupo and his new partner, Detective Kevin Bernard, investigate crimes and apprehend suspects under the supervision of their precinct lieutenant, Anita Van Buren. In the second half-hour, the focus shifts to the criminal courts as Executive Assistant District Attorney Michael Cutter and the Assistant District Attorney Connie Rubirosa work within a complicated justice system to prosecute the accused under the guidance of the newly appointed District Attorney Jack McCoy.



Episode 1

A guest is murdered on-air on a controversial talk show.... Read more


Episode 2

A disruptive, unbalanced homeless man is found severely beaten in... Read more


Episode 3

A college student charges an admittedly promiscuous rock star with... Read more


Episode 4

Stone finds himself up against an ambitious black lawyer defending... Read more

Black Tie

Episode 5

The police suspect a cover up when they receive an... Read more

Pride and Joy

Episode 6

A 17-year-old boy becomes the chief suspect in the murder... Read more


Episode 7

Stone and Kincaid try to prove that the young woman... Read more

American Dream

Episode 8

A skeleton unearthed at a building site resurrects one of... Read more

Born Bad

Episode 9

A lawyer decides to defend her teenage client charged with... Read more

The Pursuit of Happiness

Episode 10

A ""green-card"" bride from Russia is suspected of murdering her... Read more

Golden Years

Episode 11

An emaciated elderly woman is found dead of an apparent... Read more


Episode 12

A millionaire friend of Schiff's won't cooperate with the police... Read more


Episode 13

While investigating a woman's claim that she passed out in... Read more


Episode 14

A phone call threatening a woman's young daughter leads to... Read more


Episode 15

A 14-year-old's shooting death involves the son of a former... Read more

Big Bang

Episode 16

A scientist becomes the chief suspect when his estranged wife,... Read more


Episode 17

During a 24-hour period, Briscoe and Logan have a heavy... Read more


Episode 18

Briscoe and Logan bet that the killing of a star... Read more


Episode 19

A black minister fans the flames of racial intolerance after... Read more


Episode 20

Briscoe and Logan investigate the disappearance of a child from... Read more


Episode 21

An assailant breaks the wrist of a tennis player prior... Read more

Old Friends

Episode 22

A truck hits a pedestrian and the investigation reveals the... Read more

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