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Mar 16, 2010




Network: FX (US)

Status: Ended


A character drama based on the 2001 Elmore Leonard short story "Fire in the Hole." Leonard's tale centers around U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens of Kentucky, a quiet but strong-willed official of the law. The tale covers his high-stakes job, as well as his strained relationships with his ex-wife and father.


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The Gunfighter

Episode 1

The arrival of a Detroit mobster in Lexington puts Raylan... Read more

Cut Ties

Episode 2

The murder of a fellow marshal throws Raylan together with... Read more

Harlan Roulette

Episode 3

Raylan faces off with a tyrannical Oxy dealer, putting him... Read more

The Devil You Know

Episode 4

A daring prison escape puts Raylan on the trail of... Read more

Thick as Mud

Episode 5

Raylan races to save Dewey Crowe from a gang of... Read more

When the Guns Come Out

Episode 6

As Boyd fights for control of the Harlan oxy trade,... Read more

The Man Behind the Curtain

Episode 7

Raylan's tactics put him at odds with the FBI as... Read more

Watching the Detectives

Episode 8

A shocking murder forces Raylan to face past mistakes. Meanwhile,... Read more

Loose Ends

Episode 9

Raylan pursues a Dixie Mafia soldier who could be the... Read more

Guy Walks into a Bar

Episode 10

Raylan struggles to keep Dickie Bennett in prison while contending... Read more


Episode 11

Raylan squares off with a pair of merciless Detroit hit... Read more


Episode 12

While Raylan closes in on an ever-more-unpredictable Quarles, Boyd enters... Read more


Episode 13

After the murder of his friend, Raylan is a man... Read more

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