Jungle Junction
Jungle Junction



First Aired

Oct 06, 2009


Jungle Junction


Network: Disney Channel

Status: Canceled


Set deep in the heart of an unexplored, road-filled Jungle, the show features a group of fun-loving animals on wheels and aims to help preschoolers develop their pre-literacy skills, as well as encouraging them to care about the environment.


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Bungo To The Rescue; Pinky Picnic

Episode 1

Bungo is out putting up signs when he passes Bobby's... Read more

The Big Race Around; Zooter Loses Her Zip

Episode 2

The animals are going to have a pinky picnic. The... Read more

Nothing To Sneeze At; Firestation Hero

Episode 3

Bungo is out putting up signs, but he spots rocks... Read more

The Treasure Of Jungle Junction; Shrinky

Episode 4

The wheelers are chasing fireflies and get tired and go... Read more

A Mystery For Bobby; Signs Of Trouble

Episode 5

Crocker is watering the flowers and Zooter and Ellyvan get... Read more

Firestation Hero

Episode 6

Zooter and Ellyvan are driving around the jungle when they... Read more

A Beautiful Stink; Prickly Pal

Episode 7

Zooter, Ellyvan and Bungo find a dusty old box near... Read more

Sap Trap; River Race

Episode 8

Zooter and Ellyvan are playing ball. The ball gets stuck... Read more

A Mystery for Bobby

Episode 9

Bungo puts up a "No Off-Roading" sign after a big... Read more

Rainy Daze; King Ellyvan

Episode 10

After Toadhog's complaints about the signs, Bungo decides to quit... Read more

The Star Juggler; Bungo's Box

Episode 11

Zooter, Ellyvan and Bungo try to get grumpy Toadhog to... Read more

Bungo The Magnificent; Thingums

Episode 12

A surprise birthday party is planned for Zooter, but Ellyvan... Read more

A Bubbly Emergency; Funny Fruit

Episode 13

Crocker opens a new compost recycling system in Jungle Junction.... Read more

The Missing Glasses; Dozer's Daisy

Episode 14

Taxicrab wants to dance, but he cannot find anybody to... Read more

Follow That...Thing!; The Spooky Road

Episode 15

Bungo puts up a sign to warn the wheelers that... Read more

River Race Rescue

Episode 16

The Wheelers of Jungle Junction hold a boat contest, and... Read more

Dozer Digs; Taxicrab's Whistle

Episode 17

Ellyvan takes a shortcut to make an important delivery and... Read more

Wheeler Ball; The Great Garden Caper

Episode 18

Zooter throws a surprise coconut feast, but Toadhog gets irritable... Read more

Rainy Daze

Episode 19

Everyone gets ready to gather rainwater when the cloud stops. Read more

King Ellyvan

Episode 20

Ellyvan discovers a king's crown. Later he gets stuck in... Read more

The Star Juggler

Episode 21

Taxicrab shows off his juggling skills and neglects his juice... Read more

Bungo's Box

Episode 22

Bungo gets locked inside his shed when he forgets to... Read more

Bungo the Magnificent

Episode 23

Bungo tells Zooter a story about his past as a... Read more


Episode 24

Carla finds a box of socks in a storage room... Read more

A Bubbly Emergency

Episode 25

After many rescue practices, Ellyvan and Zooter go to the... Read more

Funny Fruit

Episode 26

Zooter tries a new fruit Miss Jolly brings. Read more

The Missing Glasses

Episode 27

Miss Jolly loses her glasses, and the Beetlebugs and wheelers... Read more

Dozer's Daisy

Episode 28

Dozer tries to save a rare daisy that's growing in... Read more

Follow That...Thing!

Episode 29

Crocker's friends help him guard a special flower seed. Read more

The Spooky Road

Episode 30

The gang fears there are monsters in the jungle after... Read more

Muddy Zooter

Episode 31

Zooter is obsessed with playing in mud puddles, but she... Read more


Episode 32

Zooter and Ellyvan search for a shooting star when they... Read more

Dozer Digs

Episode 33

Dozer uses his digging skills to save the day during... Read more

Taxicrab's Whistle

Episode 34

Taxicrab annoys everyone by constantly blowing his new whistle. Read more

Wheeler Ball

Episode 35

Zooter, Ellyvan and Lance invent a new game called wheeler... Read more

The Great Garden Caper

Episode 36

Fruits and vegetables go missing from Crocker's garden, and he... Read more

Episode 37

Episode 37

t's Zipsmas Eve and the animals all decorate the jungle.... Read more

A Gift for Zooter

Episode 38

It is Zipsmas Day and the animals give each other... Read more

Episode 39

Episode 39

Zooter creates an alternative source after the waterwheel breaks down. Read more

Fifi Frenzy

Episode 40

Zooter and Ellyvan chase Fifi flies for Toadhog after they... Read more

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