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May 02, 2009




Network: Disney Channel

Status: Ended


JONAS is the hottest rock band on the planet! Band members Nick, Kevin, and Joe Lucas (played by real-life stars The Jonas Brothers) are superstar pop idols who tear up the stage, night after night, causing severe outbreaks of JONAS-induced hysteria. But behind the cool clothes and sleek guitars, they're just three boys from New Jersey who are living the dream. These ultra-talented brothers still live at home with Mom, Dad, and little brother Frankie. At school, they hang out with lifelong friend and style guru Stella Malone who believes fashion is the sixth sense. And when their classmate -- and major fan -- Macy gets uncontrollably excited around them, usually someone’s going to get hurt. These brothers are probably the only superstar idols who still have to do the dishes, but they know how lucky they are to be living the dream.


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Wrong Song

Episode 1

When Nick writes a love song for a girl he... Read more

Groovy Movies

Episode 2

The boys plan an awesome surprise for their mom's birthday.... Read more

Pizza Girl

Episode 3

Joe, Nick and Kevin develop a crush on the delivery... Read more

Keeping It Real

Episode 4

Hundreds of adoring fans surround a thrift store which the... Read more

Band's Best Friend

Episode 5

The brothers find out an old friend's visit is mainly... Read more

Chasing the Dream

Episode 6

The band is put in an awkward position after a... Read more

Fashion Victim

Episode 7

Stella commits a crime of fashion after Joe ruins her... Read more

That Ding You Do

Episode 8

Joe develops a crush on a cello player who dislikes... Read more

Complete Repeat

Episode 9

Part of Nick's really bad day includes a bad case... Read more

Love Sick

Episode 10

Joe becomes cautious around Stella after his brothers suggest that... Read more

The Three Musketeers

Episode 11

Kevin, Joe & Nick audition for play "The Three Musketeers"... Read more

Frantic Romantic

Episode 12

Joe is linked by a magazine with a celebrity named... Read more


Episode 13

Joe's classmate Abby is unfairly punished for an accident with... Read more

Karaoke Surprise

Episode 14

For their 15th Friendship Anniversary, Joe suggests throwing a party... Read more

Home Not Alone

Episode 15

Kevin, Joe and Nick are left home alone for a... Read more

Forgetting Stella's Birthday

Episode 16

Joe, Nick, and Kevin forget Stella's birthday so they try... Read more

The Tale of the Haunted Firehouse

Episode 17

Kevin thinks there is a ghost in the firehouse so... Read more

Double Date

Episode 18

Van Dyke asks Stella on a date to El Meat,... Read more

Cold Shoulder

Episode 19

Kevin's old girlfriend, Anya, joins their school, but the kids... Read more

Beauty and the Beat

Episode 20

The boys judge a beauty contest. Stella decides to be... Read more

Exam Jam

Episode 21

As the JONAS World Concert Tour draws closer, Joe and... Read more

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