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Mar 21, 2010




Network: Esquire Network



Jerseylicious is a reality show on the Style Network that debuted on March 11, 2010. The series takes place in the Gatsby Salon in Green Brook Township, New Jersey, focusing on the mother and daughter owners of the salon, Gayle Giacomo and Christy Pereira. Other figures include two makeup artists, Olivia Blois Sharpe and Alexa Prisco ("the Glam Fairy"), and three hairdressers: Tracy Dimarco, Anthony Lombardi, and GiGi Liscio.


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Jersey Boss

Episode 2

With maternity leave on the horizon Christy wants to identify... Read more

Baby Mama, Baby Drama

Episode 3

Gigi is going baby crazy and decides to throw Christy... Read more

Shore 'Nuff!

Episode 4

Gigi and Frankie are on a break and Tracy has... Read more

Boobs are the New Black

Episode 5

The Gatsby staff butt heads over the new dress code.... Read more

Party Psycho

Episode 6

Gayle & Christy plan a Mother Daughter event with a... Read more

Oh No She Didn't!

Episode 7

Tracy, Gigi and Alexa go speed dating, while Olivia dates... Read more


Episode 8

The girls attend a wedding in Texas, much to Gayle's... Read more

Frankie Loves Gigi

Episode 9

Anthony takes over as interim manager of the salon; Frankie... Read more

Business, Babies and Boob Jobs

Episode 10

Gayle and Alexa's rocky partnership gets put to the test... Read more

Glam Fairy Fallout

Episode 11

Alexa tries to expand her business with a Bollywood-inspired photo... Read more

She'll Cut You

Episode 12

A salon sales drive pits Tracy and Olivia in a... Read more

War on the Gatsby Floor

Episode 13

Alexa and Gayle face off at the Gatsby and Olivia... Read more

Gaga for Glam

Episode 14

Olivia holds her first make-up event at the Gatsby while... Read more

Date Night

Episode 15

The Gatsby and Glam Fairy compete for a special event,... Read more

Gigi Gets Sexed Up

Episode 16

The Gatsby has a new addition, much to Olivia's dismay.... Read more

Here Comes Trouble

Episode 17

Doria is staking her claim at the Gatsby, while Olivia... Read more

Job Woes and Poconos

Episode 18

Olivia is put on mandatory vacation at Gatsby & goes... Read more

Jersey Fashion Battle

Episode 19

The ladies of the Gatsby compete for a coveted position... Read more

Wild & Untamed Part 1

Episode 21

Part 1 of 2. The cast reunites to discuss the... Read more

Wild & Untamed Part 2

Episode 22

Conclusion. The cast reunites to discuss the season, including Frankie... Read more

Inside The Jungle

Episode 23

A look inside the lives of the people from that... Read more

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