I've Got a Secret
I've Got a Secret


Comedy,Game Show

First Aired

Jun 19, 1952


I've Got a Secret


Network: CBS

Status: Ended


I've Got a Secret (1952-1967) is a weekly panel game show produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman for CBS television. Created by comedy writers Allan Sherman and Howard Merrill, it was a derivative of Goodson-Todman's own panel show What's My Line?. Instead of celebrity panelists trying to determine a contestant's occupation, the panel tries to determine a contestant's "secret": something that is unusual, amazing, embarrassing, or humorous about that person. The original version of I've Got a Secret premiered on June 19, 1952[1] and ran until April 3, 1967. This version began broadcasting in black and white and switched to a color format in 1966, by which time virtually all commercial network programs were being shown in color. The show was revived for the 1972-1973 season in once-a-week syndication and again from June 15 to July 6, 1976, for a Summer run. Another production ran on the Oxygen cable channel in a daily version, with original episodes airing from 2000 through 2003. GSN ran a revival from April 17 to June 9, 2006 with an all-gay panel. In October 2006, GSN opted not to renew the show for a second season, although reruns remained on its schedule for some time afterward. (Wikipedia)


Tyrone Power

Episode 1

1. "We're going to have our pigtails cut off tonight."... Read more

Richard Boone

Episode 2

1. "We drove here from Argentina in a 1918 Chevy."... Read more

Miiko Taka

Episode 3

1. "I've eaten a peanut butter sandwich for lunch every... Read more

Martha Raye

Episode 4

1. "I led 25 Hungarians through the Iron Curtain to... Read more

Elsa Maxwell

Episode 5

1. "My nose is exactly the same length as Jimmy... Read more

Hoagy Carmichael

Episode 6

1. "We each pulled a tooth for the first time... Read more

Celebrity Relatives

Episode 9

All contestants are relatives of celebrities, and the panel must... Read more

Patrice Munsel

Episode 10

1.43 "live on Easy Street." 2. Contestant is standing on... Read more

Pat Boone

Episode 11

1.Betsy appears via remote. 2. St. Bernard conceals a Chihuahua... Read more

Arthur Godfrey

Episode 12

1. "I fired our Vanguard rocket Monday morning." 2. "I... Read more

Teenage Show

Episode 13

Special "teenage" show. teenagers display their achievements. Read more

Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Episode 14

1.Income tax figured out in 22 seconds. 2. Had an... Read more

Laraine Day

Episode 15

Show has new set. 1. "I once had a blind... Read more

Cornel Wilde

Episode 16

1. "This string is 997 miles long." 2. "I invented... Read more

4.Louis Armstrong

Episode 18

1. "I talked for 26 hours and 1 minute without... Read more

Phil Silvers

Episode 19

1. "I write an 'Advice to the Lovelorn' column" 2.... Read more

Armed Forces Week

Episode 20

Salute to Armed Forces Week. Read more

Ann B. Davis

Episode 21

1.Ten champion supermarket checkers from the U.S. and Canada 2.... Read more

Dana Andrews

Episode 23

1. "During my wedding ceremony … my husband fainted …... Read more

Tony Curtis

Episode 24

1. "We have 17 children." 2. "We graduated from high... Read more

Sixth Anniversary Show

Episode 25

Sixth anniversary show. Read more

Olivia de Havilland

Episode 26

1. "I make out the panel's paychecks." 2. Guest Olivia... Read more

Art Carney

Episode 27

1. "My father is a U.S. Senator-elect from the 49th... Read more

Arlene Dahl

Episode 28

1. "I am Elvis Presley's grandfather." 2. Guest Arlene Dahl:... Read more

Keenan Wynn

Episode 29

1. "I am going to lift a 205-pound weight …... Read more

Steve Lawrence

Episode 30

1. "I'm memorizing the names and faces of the people... Read more

Margaret O'Brien

Episode 31

1. "I'm going to meet Betsy Palmer for the first... Read more

Fernando Lamas

Episode 33

1. "I designed the new 4¢ postage stamp", "I... Read more

Bob Crosby

Episode 34

1. "I ran in a race against a horse... Read more

Louis Nye,Don Knotts, Tom Poston

Episode 35

1. "I'm going to teach the panel how to spin... Read more

Durward Kirby

Episode 36

1. "I sailed across the Pacific on a raft." 2.... Read more

Mickey Rooney

Episode 37

1. "I'm about to become a grandmother." 2. "I built... Read more

Art Linkletter

Episode 38

1. "My hair is more than 6 feet long." 2.... Read more

Roy Rogers

Episode 39

1. Granddaughter of Sitting Bull. 2. Related to Gen. Custer.... Read more

William Bendix

Episode 40

1. "I won first prize in a cooking contest (against... Read more

Sam Levenson

Episode 41

1. "We are the children of the 'What's My Line'... Read more

Arnold Stang

Episode 43

1. "Somebody stole my burglar alarm." 2. "My pumpkin is... Read more

Walter Slezak

Episode 44

1. First female member of the U.S. Congress. 2. Guest... Read more

Peter Lind Hayes

Episode 45

1. "I'm taking my final test for barber college." 2.... Read more

Pat Boone

Episode 48

1. "I have an 8-foot alligator on the end of... Read more

Jackie Cooper

Episode 49

1. "This lady saved our lives during World War II... Read more

Arthur Godfrey

Episode 50

1. "I fought Jersey Joe Walcott in 1936/1950." 2. "We're... Read more

Meredith Willson

Episode 51

1. "I'm going to play a Christmas carol on this... Read more

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