I've Got a Secret
I've Got a Secret


Comedy,Game Show

First Aired

Jun 19, 1952


I've Got a Secret


Network: CBS

Status: Ended


I've Got a Secret (1952-1967) is a weekly panel game show produced by Mark Goodson and Bill Todman for CBS television. Created by comedy writers Allan Sherman and Howard Merrill, it was a derivative of Goodson-Todman's own panel show What's My Line?. Instead of celebrity panelists trying to determine a contestant's occupation, the panel tries to determine a contestant's "secret": something that is unusual, amazing, embarrassing, or humorous about that person. The original version of I've Got a Secret premiered on June 19, 1952[1] and ran until April 3, 1967. This version began broadcasting in black and white and switched to a color format in 1966, by which time virtually all commercial network programs were being shown in color. The show was revived for the 1972-1973 season in once-a-week syndication and again from June 15 to July 6, 1976, for a Summer run. Another production ran on the Oxygen cable channel in a daily version, with original episodes airing from 2000 through 2003. GSN ran a revival from April 17 to June 9, 2006 with an all-gay panel. In October 2006, GSN opted not to renew the show for a second season, although reruns remained on its schedule for some time afterward. (Wikipedia)


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Ed Sullivan

Episode 5

1. "I'm Ed Sullivan's daughter." 2. "My great-grandfather... Read more

Jackie Gleason

Episode 9

1. "I graduated from high school last month." 2. Guest... Read more

Andy Devine

Episode 10

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Victor Moore

Episode 13

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Fred Allen

Episode 15

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Emmett Kelly

Episode 16

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Keenan Wynn

Episode 17

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Armed Forces Week

Episode 20

1. "I helped raise the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima."... Read more

Spike Jones

Episode 23

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Steve Allen

Episode 24

Third Anniversary Read more

Jack Lemmon

Episode 25

1. "I kissed 138 midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy... Read more


Episode 28

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Peggy King

Episode 31

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Arnold Stang

Episode 32

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Chico Marx

Episode 33

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Audie Murphy

Episode 36

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Silvana Pampanini

Episode 39

1. Only the men are blindfolded for the baseball secrets.... Read more

Ronald Reagan

Episode 40

1. "I've kissed every woman on my mail route (528... Read more

Hal March

Episode 46

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No Celebrity

Episode 51

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