I (Almost) Got Away With It
I (Almost) Got Away With It



First Aired

Jan 12, 2010


I (Almost) Got Away With It


Network: Investigation Discovery

Status: Running


For these perpetrators, their stories may be different, but their motives are always the same: to stay out of prison. The people profiled in this series evaded justice for years, sometimes decades, by using their families, fake identification and even violence to avoid capture. Learn what pushed these individuals to their crimes, how they stayed one step ahead of the police and managed to evade the law -- at least for a while.


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Got to Pretend to Be a Cop

Episode 1

Peter Gibbs faces a long stretch in prison for a... Read more

Got a Handsome Face

Episode 2

Bank robber Steven Ray Milam is called the Handsome Guy... Read more

Got to Taunt the Cops

Episode 3

Jimmy Maxwell's volatile nature sees him being a menace to... Read more

Got to Send a Bomb in the Mail

Episode 4

Albert Paul ends up being arrested for murder and spends... Read more

Got to Escape with a Battleaxe

Episode 5

Whilst serving a 60-year sentence for a crime he says... Read more

Got to Get Home to Mother

Episode 6

Having been given a long sentence for robbery, Robert Nielsen... Read more

Got to Get Out of Debt

Episode 7

Deeply in debt after suffering a serious injury, Jaime... Read more

GOT to Crawl My Way to Freedom

Episode 8

A murder suspect masterminds an ingenious escape from jail while... Read more

GOT to Be Part of the Pittsburgh Six

Episode 9

A 1997 escape by six inmates from Western Penitentiary in... Read more

Got to Hit Homes on Halloween

Episode 10

Desperate for their next high, Michael Kidd, Kevin Crandall... Read more

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