I (Almost) Got Away With It
I (Almost) Got Away With It



First Aired

Jan 12, 2010


I (Almost) Got Away With It


Network: Investigation Discovery

Status: Running


For these perpetrators, their stories may be different, but their motives are always the same: to stay out of prison. The people profiled in this series evaded justice for years, sometimes decades, by using their families, fake identification and even violence to avoid capture. Learn what pushed these individuals to their crimes, how they stayed one step ahead of the police and managed to evade the law -- at least for a while.


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Most Elusive Criminals

Episode 1

Three stories of robbers who outsmart police; ingenious hiding places... Read more

Got to Escape Through a Toilet

Episode 2

A pair of friends and criminals escape from prison in... Read more

GOT to Pose as a War Vet

Episode 3

Posing as a veteran and preying on women to get... Read more

Got to Escape With One Leg

Episode 4

Walter Rhodes and 2 other suspects were involved with the... Read more

GOT to be the Black Market Maestro

Episode 5

19-year-old Kylen Padgett's escalating crimes get him arrested. After a... Read more

Got to Rob a Pawn Shop

Episode 6

Stolen weapons dealer, Conan Helsley, robs a pawnshop with his... Read more

Got to Be Bonnie and Clyde

Episode 7

After getting arrested for robbery, Robert Askew runs from a... Read more

Got to Be the Green Baron

Episode 8

Tony Darwin makes millions piloting marijuana into Florida. Even after... Read more

Got to Be the Green Baron

Episode 9

A man is caught smuggling marijuana; a plane crash forces... Read more

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