I (Almost) Got Away With It
I (Almost) Got Away With It



First Aired

Jan 12, 2010


I (Almost) Got Away With It


Network: Investigation Discovery

Status: Running


For these perpetrators, their stories may be different, but their motives are always the same: to stay out of prison. The people profiled in this series evaded justice for years, sometimes decades, by using their families, fake identification and even violence to avoid capture. Learn what pushed these individuals to their crimes, how they stayed one step ahead of the police and managed to evade the law -- at least for a while.


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Got a Country Legend's Tour Bus

Episode 1

Christopher Daniel Gay was a working class guy, who dabbled... Read more

Got That Tough Girl Look

Episode 2

In October 2007 Juanita Liebman, her boyfriend and a friend... Read more

Got a Bad Temper

Episode 3

On July 18, 2000, 22 yr old Aurlieas McClarty walks... Read more

Got To Escape In Underwear

Episode 4

Ricky McCurry has been in and out of prison his... Read more

Got A Pen Pal

Episode 5

Brenda Wynn loves heroin and has done time in prison... Read more

Got to Get Revenge

Episode 6

Scott Eizember has a temper and a history of abuse.... Read more

Got to Run with My Buddy

Episode 7

Larry McClendon, while in prison for murder, escapes with seven... Read more

Got Caught in Love Triangle

Episode 8

Henry Lee Marshall is obsessed with Martha Leathers, and in... Read more

Got a Boyfriend to Support

Episode 9

In jail for fraud, Steven Russell falls in love with... Read more

Got to Impersonate a Guard

Episode 10

Dennis Hope works at a store, using his job to... Read more

Got Shot in the Leg

Episode 11

When a friend is fired from a restaurant, Konh Chung... Read more

Got to Hide in a Swamp

Episode 12

Dominic Reddick has escaped prison, and is on the run.... Read more

Got To Work On A Crab Boat

Episode 13

Kenneth "Speedy" Raulerson is wanted in Florida for armed robbery.... Read more

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