I (Almost) Got Away With It
I (Almost) Got Away With It



First Aired

Jan 12, 2010


I (Almost) Got Away With It


Network: Investigation Discovery

Status: Running


For these perpetrators, their stories may be different, but their motives are always the same: to stay out of prison. The people profiled in this series evaded justice for years, sometimes decades, by using their families, fake identification and even violence to avoid capture. Learn what pushed these individuals to their crimes, how they stayed one step ahead of the police and managed to evade the law -- at least for a while.


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Got Remarried

Episode 1

During the heat of an argument, Michael McGuffey shot his... Read more

Got Dumped

Episode 2

The main suspect in the murder of a pregnant ex-girlfriend,... Read more

Got No Fingerprints

Episode 3

Jerry Bowen fled before sentencing of the murder of Brenda... Read more

Got A Video Rental Store

Episode 4

In 1975, Michael Brown killed Richard Sullivan during a robbery.... Read more

Got Two Homes In Mexico

Episode 5

Gonzolo Martinez is a 17-year old gang member, sentenced to... Read more

Got the Wrong Four People Killed

Episode 6

Scott Burnside hires a hit man to kill a friend's... Read more

Got Caught In The Shower

Episode 7

Richard Garber thinks he has gotten away with murder, after... Read more

Got To Sing Karaoke

Episode 8

Joe Crouch wakes up one morning, and after 40 years... Read more

Got Revenge

Episode 9

Marshall Brown was 19 when he committed his first contract... Read more

Got To Rob Banks

Episode 10

Joe Loya is a professional bank robber, addicted to the... Read more

Got To Go To Canada

Episode 11

Scott Freeburg has been in and out of prison his... Read more

Got A Gun Made Out Of Toilet Paper

Episode 12

Kerry Silvers was facing 55 years in the slammer for... Read more

Got To Get Bike Parts

Episode 13

In central Florida in 1991, Marvin Carson settled an argument... Read more

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