Hoarding: Buried Alive
Hoarding: Buried Alive



First Aired

Mar 14, 2010


Hoarding: Buried Alive


Network: TLC

Status: Running


Hoarding goes inside the homes of extreme hoarders to explore the psychology behind their compulsion to accumulate & store large quantities of nonessential things. Each episode tells the stories of hoarders struggling with behavior that has made every day existence unbearable for both them and their loved ones. With the help of expert therapists & organizers, the hoarders will attempt to unlock the key to their obsessions in hope of reclaiming their lives.


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Surviving on Trash

Episode 1

Pregnant with her first child, Traci is desperate to move... Read more

There Are Mice Everywhere

Episode 2

Compulsive hoarder Kathleen discovers a hoard of mice living in... Read more

Not a Safe Place

Episode 3

A woman with OCD is unable to throw away anything. A... Read more

A Horrible Sight

Episode 4

Hoarders whose homes have been condemned must clean up or... Read more

I Was Gonna Gag

Episode 5

A hoarder faces losing his children if he does not... Read more

Stop Touching My Stuff

Episode 7

Parents of a teenage hoarder hope a visit by an... Read more

Overtaken By Puppets

Episode 8

A former ventriloquist has let her past career become an... Read more

I Can't Breathe

Episode 9

A woman is in danger of losing custody of her... Read more

Tiny Monsters

Episode 10

Sherry's hoard has broken up her marriage. Now, authorities are... Read more

My House Can Kill Me

Episode 11

Miranda's hoarding has escalated to the point that her toddlers... Read more

Owned By The Roaches

Episode 12

A psychologist who is accustomed to diagnosing other people's problems... Read more

I'm Dumbfounded

Episode 13

A marriage is in trouble after years of hoarding and... Read more

It's Just Sex

Episode 14

Secret hoarding by a couple is complicated by revelations about... Read more

Worst I've Ever Seen

Episode 15

A municipality is ready to tear down a home unless... Read more

A Bomb Went Off

Episode 16

A woman with a lung disease fears her hoarding is... Read more


Episode 17

Brad's hoarding has taken over his mobile home; Mary has... Read more

Are You Serious?

Episode 18

A woman's hoarding may have done irreparable damage to her... Read more

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