Hoarding: Buried Alive
Hoarding: Buried Alive



First Aired

Mar 14, 2010


Hoarding: Buried Alive


Network: TLC

Status: Running


Hoarding goes inside the homes of extreme hoarders to explore the psychology behind their compulsion to accumulate & store large quantities of nonessential things. Each episode tells the stories of hoarders struggling with behavior that has made every day existence unbearable for both them and their loved ones. With the help of expert therapists & organizers, the hoarders will attempt to unlock the key to their obsessions in hope of reclaiming their lives.


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Welcome to My Nightmare

Episode 1

Extreme hoarders' lives spiral out of control as their possessions... Read more

Beyond Embarrassment

Episode 2

A man, 55, plans to abandon his hoard and move... Read more

Paralyzed by Clutter

Episode 3

An extreme hoarder is in denial; a woman who has... Read more

Life On Fire

Episode 4

Extreme hoarders face losing their homes and living in isolation. Read more

Family Secrets

Episode 5

Two women seek help for their compulsive hoarding problems. Read more

Filling the Void

Episode 6

Hoarding is both a comfort and a curse for two... Read more

No One Would Choose This

Episode 7

Two women must get their compulsive hoarding under control or... Read more

Everything Is at Stake

Episode 8

Two women's compulsive hoarding is crowding out their loved ones. Read more

A Million Excuses

Episode 9

Hoarding by parents threatens to rip a family apart unless... Read more

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