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Aug 17, 2009




Network: A&E

Status: Running


Each 60-minute episode of Hoarders is a fascinating look inside the lives of two different people whose inability to part with their belongings is so out of control that they are on the verge of a personal crisis.


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Debra and Patty

Episode 1

Debra has filled her house with an avalanche of clothes... Read more

Doug and Ruth

Episode 2

Doug, who suffered severe brain trauma and memory loss in... Read more

Charles & Alvin

Episode 3

Charles' house is filled with thousands of the nude paintings... Read more

Shanna & Lynda

Episode 4

Shanna owns the worst hoard in "Hoarders" history - a... Read more

Joni & Millie

Episode 5

Joni's hoarding drove her two sons to turn to drugs... Read more

Manuel & Carla

Episode 6

Manual was living in his hoarded house with his four... Read more

Susan & Michael

Episode 7

Susan`s addicted to buying and selling cars and electronics, but... Read more

Terry & Adelle

Episode 8

Terry's fridge is packed with dead cats, and she has... Read more

BG and Lee & Chris

Episode 9

BG and Lee have filled their million-dollar Victorian home with... Read more

Jan & Bebe

Episode 10

Jan is in denial about her hoarding--one of her daughters... Read more

Merlene & Jeff

Episode 11

Merlene had it all--an international supermodel married to the son... Read more

Diana & Dolores

Episode 12

A victim of abuse as a child, Diana's hoarding became... Read more

Fuzzie and Fred & Nancy

Episode 13

A pair of former punk rockers, Fuzzie and Fred are... Read more

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