Hawaii Five-O
Hawaii Five-O



First Aired

Sep 26, 1968


Hawaii Five-O


Network: CBS

Status: Ended


The CBS television network produced and transmitted the program from September 26 (September 20 for the pilot episode "Cocoon"), 1968 to April 5, 1980. Currently, the program is aired in syndication throughout the world. Created by Leonard Freeman, Hawaii Five-O was shot on location in Honolulu, Hawai?i, and throughout the island of O?ahu - with occasional filming in other locales like Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong as well as other Hawaiian islands. Hawaii Five-O centers on a fictional state police force of the same name - in honor of Hawai?i's status as the 50th State - led by former Navy officer Steve McGarrett (Jack Lord), who was appointed by the Governor Paul Jameson (Richard Denning). Originally, McGarrett was assisted regularly by State Police officers - a young officer, Danny Williams (James MacArthur), Chin Ho Kelly (Kam Fong) and Kono Kalakaua (Zulu). Later, Honolulu Police Department Officer Duke Lukela (Herman Wedemeyer) joined the team as a regular as did Ben Kokua (Al Harrington). Occasionally, they were assisted by other officers on an "as-needed" basis. During the course of the show, the team was also assisted regularly by: the medical examiner Doc Bergman (Al Eben), the forensic specialist Che Fong (Harry Endo) and a secretary. The first secretary was May (Maggi Parker), then Jenny (Peggy Ryan) and later Luana (Laura Sode-Matteson). (At the time Hawaii was the only state without an actual statewide police agency. The Hawaii State Sheriff's Department now serves as the de facto state police.)


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Nine Dragons (1)

Episode 1

When Wo Fat steals toxins in an attempt to take... Read more

Nine Dragons (2)

Episode 2

In Hong Kong, Steve is caught by Wo Fat and... Read more

Assault on the Palace

Episode 3

McGarrett must solve a daring bank robbery committed during the... Read more

Oldest Profession -- Latest Price

Episode 4

The murder of island prostitutes seems to be linked to... Read more

Man on Fire

Episode 5

Five bodies are found in the crater of Mauna Loa... Read more

Tour de Force, Killer Aboard

Episode 6

Two seemingly unconnected deaths lead McGarrett into a desperate race... Read more

The Last of The Great Paperhangers

Episode 7

A masterful forger plans a massive robbery of Navy funds,... Read more

Heads, You're Dead

Episode 8

When yacht racers are found dead on their craft, Five-O... Read more

Let Death Do Us Part

Episode 9

A escaped convict may well have a strong case of... Read more

Double Exposure

Episode 10

A press photographer is pursued relentlessly after she takes a... Read more

Yes, My Deadly Daughter

Episode 11

When $10 million goes missing from a crimelord, the culprit... Read more

Target -- a Cop

Episode 12

Police are being lured into traps and shot, and Five-O... Read more

The Bells Toll at Noon

Episode 13

The boyfriend of an overdose victim re-enacts famous film murders... Read more

Man in a Steel Frame

Episode 14

McGarrett is the top suspect in the murder of his... Read more

Ready... Aim...

Episode 15

Five-O must work with a Japanese officer to find the... Read more

Elegy in a Rain Forest

Episode 16

The daughter of Attorney General John Manicote is kidnapped by... Read more

Dealer's Choice -- Blackmail

Episode 17

A hit and run incident leads Five-O to a gambling... Read more

A Capitol Crime

Episode 18

A pensioner threatens to blow himself and his hostages up... Read more

To Die in Paradise

Episode 19

A lady singer is kidnapped and it looks as if... Read more

Blood Money is Hard to Wash

Episode 20

A gangster attempts to buy an interest in a football... Read more

To Kill a Mind

Episode 21

While searching for parts from a sunken Soviet submarine, McGarrett... Read more

Requiem for a Saddle-Bronc Rider

Episode 22

A missing rodeo cowboy and the murder of a young... Read more

See How She Runs

Episode 23

The daughter of a LA detective and friend of McGarrett... Read more

Practical Jokes Can Kill You

Episode 24

A gang of thieves steal army rifles by peculiar means... Read more

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