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Apr 03, 2010




Network: TV Tokyo

Status: Ended


Based on Idea Factory's romance adventure game: Yukimura Chizuru has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a doctor who has gone missing. While there, she witnesses a fight between an Oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody, the Shinsengumi debates on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. The Shinsengumi then takes Chizuru along on their search after the missing doctor, from adventures to adventures.


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Dawn of the Divine Warriors

Episode 1

Ryunosuke was left to die, but Serizawa-san asked him a... Read more

Led by Destiny

Episode 2

Saito has re-joined he former Shiekan members, at the same... Read more

Rules for a Pack of Wolves

Episode 3

Lord Aizu has acknowledged the group and has placed them... Read more

The Blade Drenched in Blood

Episode 4

Souji has done the unthinkable and will have to pay... Read more

Stairway to the Blue Skies

Episode 5

Ryunosuke has been caught putting his foot in his mouth,... Read more

Howling from the Darkness

Episode 6

The Roshigumi has been tasked to test a new drug... Read more

Oath Made on the Wind Blowing Over the Grass

Episode 7

Serizawa is not afraid of being the villain as long... Read more

The Shackles of Pandemonium

Episode 8

The growing ruthlessness of the Roshigumi lead by Serizawa has... Read more

The Light of a Flashing Sword

Episode 9

Ryunosuke is coming to a crossroad with his relationship with... Read more

The Brightly Burning Beacon

Episode 10

The reason behind Serizawa anger is revealed by a stranger,... Read more

A Moonlit Night Filled with Flowers

Episode 11

Nimi-san has turned against the Shinsengumi and fled with the... Read more

The Great Dawn

Episode 12

With the death of Niimi, some final business must be... Read more

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