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Apr 03, 2010




Network: TV Tokyo

Status: Ended


Based on Idea Factory's romance adventure game: Yukimura Chizuru has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a doctor who has gone missing. While there, she witnesses a fight between an Oni and the Shinsengumi. Taking her into custody, the Shinsengumi debates on what to do with Chizuru when they discover that she is the daughter of the doctor they are also looking for. The Shinsengumi then takes Chizuru along on their search after the missing doctor, from adventures to adventures.


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Like the Flames

Episode 1

The Shinsengumi have established their new headquarters in Edo. Hijikata... Read more

The Hallway of Setbacks

Episode 2

Okita's tuberculosis is getting worse, and Hijikata refuses to let... Read more

Distant Visage

Episode 3

Shiranui, Harada, and Nagakura fight the Rasetsu, but there are... Read more

Undying Sincerity

Episode 4

Saito follows Sannan out at night, but loses him when... Read more

Fleeting Dream

Episode 5

The Shinsengumi join up with the old Bakufu army and... Read more

Shining Light of the Dawn

Episode 6

Okita gets angry at Hijikata, who failed to rescue Kondou... Read more

Blade of the Sun

Episode 7

Saito leads the Shinsengumi into the Battle in Aizu. He... Read more

Scattering Cherry Blossoms

Episode 8

Hijikata meets up with an admiral in Sendai, who mentions... Read more

Hepatica Blooming

Episode 9

Hijikata and his army manage to capture the city the... Read more

The Dreamlike Pale Sakura

Episode 10

Hijikata's army has a few victories in Futamata-guchi, but Ootori's... Read more

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