Good Witch
Good Witch



First Aired

Feb 28, 2015


Good Witch


Network: Hallmark Channel

Status: Continuing


The new original series "Good Witch" stars Catherine Bell, who returns as the beloved Cassie Nightingale, alongside young star Bailee Madison as Grace. James Denton will play Cassie's new next door neighbor, a divorced doctor and single dad who stirs things up in Middleton when he discovers Cassie's signature charm is more than just a magic touch.


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A Budding Romance

Episode 1

The whole town anxiously awaits the impending blooming of the... Read more

Without Magic for a Spell

Episode 2

The Middleton Merriwick is still not in bloom, and the... Read more

Day After Day

Episode 3

When two guests arrive at Grey House and are immediately... Read more

How to Say 'I Love You!'

Episode 4

The whole town is caught up in romance when Cassie... Read more

A Birthday Wish

Episode 5

When a visiting chef is unable to relax, Cassie arranges... Read more

Say It With Candy

Episode 6

Abigail, jealous of all the attention Cassie gets from helping... Read more

In Sickness and in Health

Episode 7

Cassie gives a withdrawn, traveling artist, a new paintbrush and... Read more

Somewhat Surprising

Episode 8

Cassie decides to plan a surprise party for Sam to... Read more

Not Getting Married Today (1)

Episode 9

Cassie discovers a 10-year-old girl playing in the bushes at... Read more

Not Getting Married Today (2)

Episode 10

After learning that Sam doesn't plan on getting married again,... Read more

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