Good Witch
Good Witch



First Aired

Feb 28, 2015


Good Witch


Network: Hallmark Channel

Status: Continuing


The new original series "Good Witch" stars Catherine Bell, who returns as the beloved Cassie Nightingale, alongside young star Bailee Madison as Grace. James Denton will play Cassie's new next door neighbor, a divorced doctor and single dad who stirs things up in Middleton when he discovers Cassie's signature charm is more than just a magic touch.


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Second Time Around

Episode 1

In the second-season opener, Cassie and Sam try to embark... Read more


Episode 2

A man from Cassie's past arrives in Middleton, but reminiscing... Read more

Out of the Past

Episode 3

As Cassie's old friend John attempts to unearth their shared... Read more

The Trouble with Love

Episode 4

Cassie can't help but feel upset after Grace admits she's... Read more

Surprise Me

Episode 5

Cassie is surprised with adventurous outings by both Sam and... Read more


Episode 6

Cassie could be ready to take a chance on her... Read more

What's Your Secret?

Episode 7

Cassie begins to conjure up a surprise party for Martha,... Read more


Episode 8

Cassie works her magic to help Sam make a tough... Read more

A Perfect Match (1)

Episode 9

Just as Cassie begins to move in a new direction... Read more

A Perfect Match (2)

Episode 10

After Cassie reaches a decision about her future, Middleton needs... Read more

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