Good Luck Charlie
Good Luck Charlie



First Aired

Apr 04, 2010


Good Luck Charlie


Network: Disney Channel

Status: Ended


The series centers on the Duncan family, who are still adjusting to the birth of their fourth child, Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan (Mia Talerico). When parents Amy (Leigh-Allyn Baker), a nurse, and Bob (Eric Allan Kramer), an exterminator, return to work, they ask their three older children—PJ (Jason Dolley), Teddy (Bridgit Mendler), and Gabe (Bradley Steven Perry)— for help raising their little sister. At the same time, Teddy, PJ, and Gabe try to deal with school and typical social challenges in their life. The events of each episode become material for a video diary Teddy is making for her younger sister. Teddy hopes the videos will provide useful advice for Charlie after they have both grown up and Teddy has moved out. Also at the end of each video, she (and/or other cast members) states, "Good luck, Charlie" or may even say it indirectly such as "Wish them good luck, Charlie". During the movie, Amy reveals to Teddy that she is pregnant with a fifth child, which Teddy is trying to adjust to but this story plot will not be carried into the actual series until the third season.


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Study Date

Episode 1

When Bob has an accident, the kids must take care... Read more

Baby Come Back

Episode 2

It's been a while since Amy and Bob have been... Read more

The Curious Case of Mr.Dabney

Episode 3

Gabe and PJ mistakenly believe something fishy is going on... Read more

Double Whammy

Episode 4

Amy reveals that she was Wammy the Ram, the mascot... Read more

Dance Off

Episode 5

A backwards dance is approaching at Teddy's school. Teddy asks... Read more

Charlie Did It!

Episode 6

The Duncan's are quick to blame P.J. after they return... Read more

Butt Dialing Duncans

Episode 7

A puzzled P.J. and Teddy cannot understand why their friends... Read more

Charlie is 1

Episode 8

The family reminisces about the day Charlie was born. Read more

Up a Tree

Episode 9

Teddy and P.J. hatch a plan to keep Bob from... Read more

Take Mel Out to the Ball Game

Episode 10

Teddy tries to strike up a friendship her Uncle Mel... Read more

Boy Meet Girls

Episode 11

P.J.'s romance with Madison wreaks havoc on his friendship with... Read more

Kit and Kaboodle

Episode 12

Gabe gets his first crush on a girl named Kit,... Read more

Teddy's Little Helper

Episode 13

Teddy tries warming up to her English teacher by having... Read more

Blankie Go Bye-Bye

Episode 14

Teddy accidentally put Charlie's blanket in the donation pile instead... Read more

Charlie Goes Viral

Episode 15

PJ video tapes Charlie when she is being funny and... Read more

Duncans Got Talent

Episode 16

Spencer decides to help Teddy with her dance routine for... Read more

Kwikki Chick

Episode 17

Teddy needs money for a new cell phone and gets... Read more

Charlie in Charge

Episode 18

Gabe is left in charge of Charlie while doing a... Read more

Sleepless in Denver

Episode 19

Gabe's friends come over for a sleepover. Meanwhile, Teddy prepares... Read more

Girl Bites Dog

Episode 20

Charlie bites Teddy's boyfriend, Spencer. Teddy then discovers that he... Read more

Teddy's Broken Heart Club Band

Episode 21

Teddy starts a rock band with Skylar and wrote a... Read more

Teddy Rebounds

Episode 22

A new kid on the block named Austin (Nathan Gamble)... Read more

Pushing Buttons

Episode 23

Gabe tricks Amy and Bob into getting him a new... Read more

Snow Show (1)

Episode 24

The Duncans go on a family road trip to a... Read more

Snow Show (Part 2)

Episode 25

Still on their family ski trip, Teddy asks Ivy to... Read more

Driving Mrs. Dabney

Episode 26

Teddy volunteers to drive Mrs. Dabney around to get more... Read more

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