Gardening Australia
Gardening Australia


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Feb 06, 2010


Gardening Australia


Network: ABC1

Status: Continuing


Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.


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Episode 0

Read more

SPECIAL: CELEBRATING 25 YEARS - Organics - Beautiful Gardens - Peter Cundall - Philosophy - Practicality - Autumn Jobs

Episode 1

Gardening Australia celebrates its 25th birthday with a very special... Read more

Sydney Tomato Festival - After the Heat - The Patch - Growing Natives in Pots - Battling Battens

Episode 2

Sydney Tomato Festival: Costa is at the Sydney Tomato Festival... Read more

Picking Tough Plants - Fruit of his Labour - On the Move - Coming Up Roses - The Patch

Episode 3

Picking Tough Plants: Sophie showcases some new plant varieties bred... Read more

Little Inventions - The Bamboo Man - The Garden Tower - Aussie Stunners

Episode 5

Little Inventions: Jerry drops in on an old gardening friend... Read more

Every Component Counts - The Patch - Cultivating Peace - Potted Delights - Meet the Family

Episode 6

Every Component Counts: Josh visits the home garden of designer... Read more

A Reconstructed Garden - The Patch - Self-Sown Colour - Backyard Bananas - Finding the Balance

Episode 8

A Reconstructed Garden: Costa visits an ex-GA presenter to see... Read more

Making an Entrance - A Coop on the Cheap - After the Fires - Perpetual Parsley - The Patch - Revered Beauties

Episode 9

Making an Entrance: Sophie plants out her driveway avenue with... Read more

New Botanic Garden - Wicking Bed - Hungry Citrus - Farming Fungi - A Succulent Obsession

Episode 10

A New Botanic Garden: Costa visits Jane in Melbourne who... Read more

Peng's World - The Power of Pruning - Planting Winter Vegies - The Real McCoy - Growing More than Plants

Episode 11

Peng's World: Jane visits an aquaponics gardener who has built... Read more

Producing More Plants - Growing Habitat - Prune and Propagate - The Patch - A Cornucopia of Colour

Episode 12

Producing More Plants: Jerry shows how to successfully propagate a... Read more

Time for Change - Winter Work - An Australian Dream - True Blue - A Paradise by the Sea

Episode 13

Time for Change: Jerry's making some much needed changes in... Read more

Growing a Village - Potting Up Plants - Veteran Trees - Filling the Gaps - 'Bolobek'

Episode 15

Growing a Village: Jane explores a garden started and run... Read more

The Family Farm - Mermaid Pool - The Old-Fashioned Way - Weaving the Garden - The Biggest Room

Episode 16

The Family Farm: Tino visits a family of market gardeners... Read more

The People's Park - The Patch - A Lifetime of Growing - Native Groundcovers - A Garden for Play

Episode 17

The People's Park: Costa gets some ideas in Fagan Park,... Read more

The Patch Overview - Planting Roses - Horticultural Legends - The Patch - Old Friends

Episode 19

The Patch Overview: Costa visits Tino to have a look... Read more

Shade Lovers - Seeds for the Future - Productive Climbers - The Good Oil - 'Anlaby'

Episode 21

Shade Lovers: John highlights some plants that will brighten up... Read more

Late Winter Work - A Blanc Canvas - A Miniature Orchard - Heading Indoors - Think Local

Episode 23

Late Winter Work: With a week to go before the... Read more

Driveway Design - James Street Reserve - Cactus Merv - Making Art - Citrus Care - The Patch - Spring Vegies

Episode 24

Driveway Design: Sophie plants out her driveway with local species... Read more

Filling the Fenceline - Tips for Trees - Spring Colour - Pruning Grevilleas - Di's Garden

Episode 27

Filling the Fenceline: Josh gets stuck into filling some gaps... Read more

Prince Alfred Park - Friends and Foes - Crazy for Tomatoes - A New Lease on Life - Gardening on the Edge

Episode 32

Prince Alfred Park: Costa visits Prince Alfred Park to explore... Read more

SPECIAL: WATER - Coolibah Swamp - Water Plants - Blending In - Master Grafter - A Touch of Green

Episode 35

Coolibah Swamp: Costa visits a group in Alice Springs who... Read more

SPECIAL: CLIMATE - Gardener of the Year - Banking Our Future - The Perfect Fit - A Change of Seasons

Episode 36

Gardener of the Year: Costa visits the 2014 Gardener of... Read more

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