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Gardening Australia


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Feb 06, 2010


Gardening Australia


Network: ABC1

Status: Continuing


Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.


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City Excess - Sowing the Seeds - Putting Waste to Work - The Value of Volunteers - Musk Farm

Episode 1

City Excess: Costa meets a retired teacher collecting food waste... Read more

A Measured Approach - Succulent Success - Aunty Fran - Angus's Block - A Magnus Opus

Episode 2

A Measured Approach: Josh meets a young couple passionate about... Read more

Fruitful Beginnings - Werribee Park - The Grand Plan - Getting a Head Start - New Beginnings

Episode 3

Fruitful Beginnings: Costa updates us on the verge's progress and... Read more

Growing Everywhere - Top Tip - Little Lawnmowers - Designed for Pleasure - Fragrant Delights - A Late Bloomer

Episode 4

Growing Everywhere: Jane visits the home of Gardening Australia researcher... Read more

Weighing Up Waste - Way To Go - Resource Recovery - Future Proofing - Compost Revolution - Working Worms

Episode 5

Weighing Up Waste: Costa audits a typical family's household bin... Read more

Commemorating Community - Postcode 2141 - Out with the Old... - Sowin' and Growin' - Avenues of Honour

Episode 6

Commemorating Community: Costa and the local community plant a commemorative... Read more

Growing Resilience - Ten Years On... - A Lifeline - The French Connection - Fighting for Survival

Episode 9

Growing Resilience: Costa is visiting a farm in NSW that... Read more

SPECIAL - CANBERRA CENTENARY - Representing Australia - 100 Forests - Living the Land - A Centenary Bell - The Next Frontier

Episode 10

CANBERRA CENTENARY SPECIAL In Gardening Australia's second special for the year,... Read more

All in the Family - Seeing the Signs - Produce to the People - Man on a Mission - Growing Opportunity

Episode 13

All in the Family: Angus demonstrates how knowing your plant... Read more

Josh's Place - Kid-Proof Plants - Planting for Play - A Family Affair

Episode 14

Josh's Place: Costa visits Josh in Perth to meet his... Read more

Growing Blueberries - Native Fruit - An Edible Jungle - A Formative Prune - Flying Gardeners

Episode 16

Growing Blueberries: Tino’s planting out blueberries and shares some tips... Read more

A Good Foundation - Little Helpers - A Wild Garden - Hop Into It! - Gardening for Butterflies

Episode 19

A Good Foundation: Josh shares some of the methods he... Read more

On the Move - Laying Down the Lawn - A One-Woman Show - Making an Entrance - On the Dunes

Episode 20

On the Move: Jane visits a community garden in an... Read more

In Living Colour - Planting for Privacy - Voula's Garden - Irrigation Made Easy - Home at Last

Episode 22

In Living Colour: Sophie plants a range of colourful vegies... Read more

A Growing Career - Child's Play - A Living History - Cooking-up Compost - Snakes and Ladders

Episode 24

A Growing Career: Costa meets a student who is embarking... Read more

Novel Nutrition - A Variety of Vegies - Tricky Spot Solutions - A Horticultural Revival - Jose's Dream

Episode 25

Novel Nutrition: Angus is experimenting with some alternative sources of... Read more

Closing the Loop - Primed for Life - The Way of the Future - Life Lessons - Our Changing World

Episode 26

Closing the Loop: John meets Joost Bakker, visionary entrepreneur who... Read more

Spring Planting - Better Late Than Never! - A Citrus Primer - Subtropical Success - A Succulent Garden

Episode 27

Spring Planting: Tino is planting tomatoes to get a head... Read more

Productive Planting - A Living Litmus - Nuts about Natives - Tons of Tomatoes - Cutting Costs - Produce to Preserves

Episode 28

Productive Planting: Josh is planting a range of productive vegetables... Read more

Creating Connection - A Small Kingdom - Look to the Locals - Summer Colour - 'Summerhome'

Episode 31

Creating Connection: Costa lends a hand with a revegetation project... Read more

Plant Protection - Propagating King Fern - Lady of the Camellias - So Don't Panic - Small Miracles

Episode 32

Plant Protection: Tino shows how to keep productive crops protected... Read more

Talking Trees - Zucchini and Onions - Keeping Active - At War with Weeds - Maintaining Raspberries - East Meets West

Episode 33

Talking Trees: Costa talks backyard tree selection and maintenance with... Read more

SPECIAL - Reading the Signs - Turning the Tide - Repairing the Land - Linking the Landscape - The Bottom Line

Episode 35

In Gardening Australia's final special for 2013, we visit some... Read more

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