Gardening Australia
Gardening Australia


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First Aired

Feb 06, 2010


Gardening Australia


Network: ABC1

Status: Continuing


Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.


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On the Verge - A Triumph Over Sand - The Vegie Patch - The Italian Feast

Episode 1

On the Verge: New host, Costa introduces an inspirational community... Read more

On the Verge - Ned's Grand Plan - Autumn Jobs - A Garden for Play

Episode 2

On the Verge: Costa introduces his chickens and builds a... Read more

Building Community - On the Verge - Water - Gardening for Life - Picking Local Plants - Plants and Ponds

Episode 3

Building Community: Jerry meets a Vietnam vet who has converted... Read more

Predators Wanted - Farming Worms - Baskets of Colour - Animal Attraction - Olives and Naked Ladies

Episode 6

Predators Wanted: Jerry plants a range of species to attract... Read more

On the Verge - Traffic - The Palm Lady - Potted Fruit - A Cool House - Grand Designs

Episode 8

On the Verge - Traffic: Costa builds paths around and... Read more

SPECIAL - FARMING - Ron's Place - Food, Glorious Food - Healing the Land - The Road Less Travelled

Episode 10

GARDENING AUSTRALIA SPECIAL - FARMING Ron's Place: Josh visits Ron Watkins,... Read more

The Colour of Autumn - Court in the Shade - A Shady Patch - A Potty Affair - The Hills Are Alive

Episode 11

The Colour of Autumn: John visits the Dandenong Ranges in... Read more

A Bountiful Balcony - Home Among the Gum Trees - Prepping for Winter - An Ancient Landscape - A Home Supermarket

Episode 12

A Bountiful Balcony: Costa visits Indira Naidoo in inner Sydney... Read more

Growing Health - Warding off the Cold - Bringing Back the Bush - The Vegie Guide - Amanda's Garden

Episode 14

Growing Health: Angus meets a bloke who suffered a mid-life... Read more

Let There be Light - Back from the Brink - Gimme Shelter - A Rainforest Retreat - Beside the Seaside

Episode 15

Let There be Light: Costa removes an invasive tree species... Read more

Helping Hands - Bomb-Proof Beauties - The Next Generation - Growing a Gardener - Educating Angus

Episode 17

Helping Hands: Costa jumps on board with the Canterbury Garden... Read more

Growing Connections - A Secret Garden - Room to Grow - Going Up! - A Working Garden

Episode 19

Growing Connections: Sophie is on the rooftop of a community... Read more

The Italian Influence - The Language of Gardening - A Remarkable Journey- Farming a Future

Episode 20

The Italian Influence: Jane is at a heritage listed property... Read more

Taking a Tour - Streetsmarts - A Soothing Garden - The Hunter Gather - The Good Life

Episode 21

Taking a Tour: Jerry shows Costa around his garden to... Read more

Thinking Local - An Aussie Verge - The Vegie Patch (Bush Foods) - Proudly Australian - A Distant Affair

Episode 23

Thinking Local: Angus meets a young nurseryman whose passion for... Read more

SPECIAL - CONNECTION TO COUNTRY - The Totem Garden - Farmed by Community - Growing Health - Learning the Land

Episode 25


Jumping the Fence - Wild Food - A Looming Threat - Growing Health - A Simple Solution

Episode 27

Jumping the Fence: Jerry is with an environmental weed expert... Read more

A Positive Path - A Plant Revival - The Secret Garden - Core Gardening - A Garden for Life

Episode 28

A Positive Path: Costa visits a community garden that's providing... Read more

Marion's Sanctum - Growing Up - A Suburban Retreat - A Room of One's Own - Memory Lane

Episode 30

Marion's Sanctum: Josh meets an Australian horticultural legend in Perth... Read more

Toughing It Out - Beating the Heat - Cooling Our Streets - Tips for Summer - Against the Odds

Episode 33

Toughing It Out: Sophie picks and plants some spectacular performers... Read more

Creating a Buzz - Life on the Farm - Bless the Mess - A Fertile Experiment - A Grassland Haven

Episode 34

Creating A Buzz: Costa's installing a hive of native bees... Read more

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