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Gardening Australia


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Feb 06, 2010


Gardening Australia


Network: ABC1

Status: Continuing


Gardening Australia provides practical, realistic, and credible horticultural and gardening advice, inspiring and entertaining all Australian gardeners around the nation. Presented by Australia's leading horticultural experts, Gardening Australia is a valuable resource to all gardeners through the television program, the magazine, books, DVDs and extensive online content.


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Amanda's Garden - The Vegie Patch - Autumn Planting - Dead Easy Seeds - A Master Gardener

Episode 5

Amanda's Garden: Stephen Ryan visits a local gardener to chat... Read more

Weather Tips - The Vegie Patch - A Lawn for the Tropics - Winter Herbs - Greywater Tips - The Happy Gardener

Episode 7

Weather Tips: Stephen Ryan gives some tips for protecting the... Read more

The Vegie Plot - Dry Climate Bulbs - Habitat Gardeners - Heirloom Vegies - A Fremantle Garden

Episode 11

The Vegie Plot: John Patrick discusses how to practice crop... Read more

The Vegie Patch - Moving the Garden - Paper Pots - Deciduous Plants - Spring Cottage

Episode 13

The Vegie Patch: Tino Carnevale explains the different types of... Read more

Annie's Garden - John's Plot - Monty Don - Succulents for the Shade - Jerry's Neighbours

Episode 19

Annie's Garden: Stephen Ryan visits a passionate local gardener to... Read more

Subtropical Flowering Annuals - Dividing Orchids - The Vegie Patch - The Vegie Guide - Ollie’s Garden - A Garden for Life

Episode 33

Subtropical Flowering Annuals: Colin Campbell shows the range of flowering... Read more

Helen's Garden - Bare Patches - Surf Coast Gardening - The Vegie Patch - Unique Plants - Passionfruit

Episode 34

Helen's Garden: Stephen Ryan drops in on a gardener whose... Read more

Tropical Centre - Treating Paw Paw Virus - A Potted Garden - The Vegie Guide - Fruit Fly - A Clever Design

Episode 35

Tropical Centre: Clarence Slockee looks at different tropical ecosystems and... Read more

The Vegie Patch - Easy Propagation - Spring Flowers - Drawing for Design - Sub-Tropical Vegies - Native Wonderland

Episode 36

The Vegie Patch: Tino Carnevale is planting sweet basil, broccoli,... Read more

The Vegie Patch - The Vegie Guide - Worm Farm - A Haven in Newcastle - Kemi's Garden

Episode 37

The Vegie Patch: Tino Carnevale plants another batch of broccoli... Read more

Protecting with Plants - Attracting Pollinators - The Vegie Patch - The Vegie Guide - Pruning an Olive Tree - Daniel's Garden

Episode 39

Protecting with Plants: Jerry's Coleby-Williams shows how to shelter and... Read more

Overcoming Pests - Garden Design Inspiration - Cordylines and Crotons - Su's Garden - Poh's Family Garden

Episode 40

Overcoming Pests: Jerry Coleby-Williams plants chillies, eggplant and basil, prepares... Read more

Woody Pear Garden - Summer Jobs - Gwen's Garden - Dwarf Apples - Mistletoe - The Vegie Guide

Episode 41

Woody Pear Garden: Clarence Slockee visits a couple who have... Read more

Planning a Garden - Jerry's Neighbours - Dealing With Shade - Edible Hedges - Shirley's Native Garden

Episode 44

Planning a Garden: John Patrick explains what to consider when... Read more

Stephen's Perennial Border - Ask It/Solve It - The Vegie Patch - Understanding Plant Uses - Leonie's Pest Remedies - Habitat Gardeners

Episode 45

SUMMER SERIES TRANSCRIPT EPISODE 45 STEPHEN RYAN: Hi. Welcome to Gardening Australia’s... Read more

A Townsville Garden - Fruit Tree Maintenance - Fruit Fly - Bare Patches - A Dog's Garden

Episode 46

A Townsville Garden: Colin Campbell explores a garden where the... Read more

Spring Flowers - Stephanie Alexander - Cumberland Plain Woodland - Drawing for Design - Kemi's Garden

Episode 48

Spring Flowers: Sophie Thomson visits a bustling spring garden to... Read more

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