Four Weddings
Four Weddings


Game Show,Reality

First Aired

Dec 18, 2009


Four Weddings


Network: TLC

Status: Ended


Four Weddings sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon.


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And a Flying Trapeze

Episode 1

Kari's wedding starts with her 50-foot descent from the ceiling,... Read more

And a Chork

Episode 2

Laura Ann takes pictures in the end zone at her... Read more

And a Go-Kart Race

Episode 3

Guests enjoy go-kart racing at Kelsey's drive-in theater wedding, while... Read more

And an Oathing Stone

Episode 4

Jessica's vintage travel theme transports guests around the globe, while... Read more

And a Rock Club

Episode 5

Butterflies and dragons fly at Bianca's rooftop nuptials, while guests... Read more

And a Horror Show

Episode 7

A silver screen killer attends Angi's Friday the 13th themed... Read more

And a Porta Potty

Episode 8

Heather makes wine and her own dress for her castle... Read more

And an Aircraft Carrier

Episode 9

Guests dress in their Halloween best at Kimberly's pumpkin party,... Read more

And Halted Vows

Episode 10

Carolyn serenades her bride as she walks a red carpet... Read more

And a Pirate Parade

Episode 11

Kat's mates board a paddleboat for her Pirate party, while... Read more

And a Drum Circle

Episode 12

Crystal cools the Miami heat with her snowy nuptials, while... Read more

And a Love Potion

Episode 13

Ashley rocks her vows and heats up the dance floor... Read more

And a Cotton Ball

Episode 14

Dominique's guests watch the snowfall at her holiday themed nuptials,... Read more

And a Surprise Bride

Episode 15

Ashley pulls off a surprise World War II themed wedding... Read more

And a Candy Cake

Episode 16

Shey's candy theme includes a chocolate and wine unity ceremony,... Read more

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