Four Weddings
Four Weddings


Game Show,Reality

First Aired

Dec 18, 2009


Four Weddings


Network: TLC

Status: Ended


Four Weddings sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon.


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And a Hookah Lounge

Episode 1

Dena's kindergarten students offer their take on marital advice, while... Read more

And the King of Rock & Roll

Episode 2

Kalli adds an Elvis impersonator to her guest list, while... Read more

And a Moustache

Episode 4

Melissa's guests are greeted by a tortoise at her tropical... Read more

And a Wall of Flowers

Episode 6

Mariana builds a backdrop of paper flowers for guest portraits... Read more

And a Yacht

Episode 8

Solimar's 11 bridesmaids choose their own rainbow-hued dresses, while Kim's... Read more

And a Fairy Garden

Episode 10

Heather's garden wedding is inspired by her fairy obsession, and... Read more

And a Vintage Warplane

Episode 11

A bride is serenaded at her city wedding, while another... Read more

And a Mechanical Bull

Episode 12

Kristyn plans a choreographed flash mob to take over the... Read more

And a Water Park

Episode 13

A bride gets married at a winery, while another's wedding... Read more

And an Awards Ceremony

Episode 14

Anne Marie starts off the wedding celebration with shots, while... Read more

And Cheese Fries

Episode 15

A French-Canadian reception has a smoked-meat buffet, while another features... Read more

And Fist Pumping

Episode 16

Lori's rumba and salsa first dance gets her celebration started,... Read more

And a Rally Towel

Episode 17

Shannon's son is the focus of the vows at her... Read more

And a Bridal Party Band

Episode 18

A bride throws a traditional Serbian ceremony, while another sits... Read more

And a Ballet

Episode 19

One bride has a simple reception with a cash bar,... Read more

And a Racy Tattoo

Episode 20

A bride wears a gown that shows off a tattoo... Read more

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