Four Weddings
Four Weddings


Game Show,Reality

First Aired

Dec 18, 2009


Four Weddings


Network: TLC

Status: Ended


Four Weddings sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon.


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And Glass Slippers

Episode 1

One bride wears glass slippers, while another plans on singing... Read more

And a Crying Bride

Episode 2

A perfectionist bride plans a huge banquet hall wedding in... Read more

And Dancing Zombies

Episode 3

A Halloween wedding goes up against a multicultural affair. Read more

And a Candelabra Hat

Episode 4

Included: a 10-tiered cake; a rotating penthouse party; a Brazilian... Read more

And a Fast Food Diet

Episode 5

French fries and chicken fingers are served at one reception,... Read more

And the Leaning Tower of Eiffel

Episode 6

Included: a Baptist wedding; nuptials on the beach; a dry... Read more

And a Shark Tank

Episode 7

One bride wears a couture gown with a feather skirt,... Read more

And a Smoking Cocktail

Episode 8

One bride plans a barefoot beach wedding, while another weds... Read more

And a Dancing Santa

Episode 9

Santa Claus makes an appearance at one winter wedding, while... Read more

And an Awkward Pirate

Episode 10

One bride walks down the aisle with her dog, while... Read more

And a Pizza Delivery

Episode 11

A laid-back bride plans a rock-theme bash, while there will... Read more

And a Flirtatious Ape

Episode 12

Included: a wedding at a zoo; outdoor vows on the... Read more

And a Bouncy House

Episode 13

A chef cooks up the food for her own wedding.... Read more

And a Rockin' Harmonica

Episode 14

One bride adds handmade details to her big day, while... Read more

And Two Wedding Crashers

Episode 15

One bride has a backyard bash on a budget, while... Read more

And a Bling Team!

Episode 16

A former homecoming queen has a huge wedding with 350... Read more

And a Thousand Cranes

Episode 17

One bride is serenaded by her groom, while another wears... Read more

And a Talking Parrot

Episode 18

Included: a Caribbean-theme wedding, complete with sexy salsa dancers; a... Read more

And a Frog Dance

Episode 19

One bride exchanges vows on the bow of a ship,... Read more

And a Dance Off

Episode 20

Included: a crafty bride who makes her own bouquet out... Read more

And a Hurricane

Episode 21

A bride's father officiates at her ceremony, while another wedding... Read more

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