Four Weddings
Four Weddings


Game Show,Reality

First Aired

Dec 18, 2009


Four Weddings


Network: TLC

Status: Ended


Four Weddings sees four brides-to-be put their special day under scrutiny, inviting three rival brides to critique their nuptials, all in a bid to win every newly wed’s dream prize – a luxury honeymoon.


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And Musical Chairs

Episode 1

In the Season 2 premiere, a bride plans a traditional... Read more

And Potato Chips and Onion Dip

Episode 2

One bride books samba dancers to perform at her wedding,... Read more

And a Love Hike

Episode 3

A bride adheres to tradition for her ceremony, while another... Read more

And a Pickup Truck

Episode 4

One bride plans a reception featuring barbecue from a local... Read more

And a Fire Ant Attack

Episode 5

Free-spirited Samantha's laid-back nuptials contrast with detail-oriented Nazia's elaborate Indian... Read more

And a Tour Bus

Episode 6

A lifelong New Yorker thinks her sexy vintage wedding dress... Read more

And a Toast to Me

Episode 7

One bride plans an intimate wedding with only 33 attendees,... Read more

And a Wild Goose

Episode 8

A rocker bride exchanges heartfelt vows in an outdoor ceremony,... Read more

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