Family Ties
Family Ties



First Aired

Sep 22, 1982


Family Ties


Network: NBC

Status: Ended


In this family sitcom, former 1960s flower children Steven and Elyse Keaton raise their four kids Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, and Andrew, who was born in 1985. The show revealed the changing values during the Reagan era as the 1960s hippie parents clashed with their 1980's conservative son, Alex. The show also tackled a number of serious issues ranging from suicide to racism to drug dependency.


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Episode 1

The smitten Alex is thrilled at the thought of escorting... Read more

Not With My Sister You Don't

Episode 2

As head of the household while his parents are away... Read more

I Know Jennifer's Boyfriend

Episode 3

Peer pressure to shun the opposite sex causes 9-year-old Jennifer... Read more

Summer of '82

Episode 4

Seduced by an ""older woman"" of 21, the hitherto inexperienced... Read more

I Never Killed for My Father

Episode 5

Sensitive, liberal Steven and his macho, conservative father, Jake, clash... Read more

Give Uncle Arthur a Kiss

Episode 6

Mallory is horrified and confused when a close family friend... Read more

Big Brother is Watching

Episode 7

As the new editor of his school paper, Alex uncovers... Read more

No Nukes is Good Nukes

Episode 8

To the dismay of the Keaton children and their equally... Read more

Death of a Grocer

Episode 9

Though Alex loves working at kindly Mr. Adler's ""Mom and... Read more

Have Gun, Will Unravel

Episode 10

The Keatons are burglarized, and a terrified Steven and Elyse... Read more

A Christmas Story

Episode 11

When a blizzard forces the Keatons to spend Christmas at... Read more


Episode 12

Unable to face her own mother, Mallory's pregnant friend Cindy... Read more

Sherry Baby

Episode 13

When popular sorority girl Sherry Marshall befriends Mallory to get... Read more

The Fugitive (1)

Episode 14

Elyse's younger brother, Ned, a go-getting corporate executive who is... Read more

The Fugitive (2)

Episode 15

With the FBI hot on Ned's heels for embezzling $4-1/2... Read more

Margin of Error

Episode 16

Alex amasses a bundle by playing the stock market on... Read more

French Lessons

Episode 17

Mallory's handsome but shy French tutor, Jeff, finally musters up... Read more

I Gotta Be Ming

Episode 18

As ""Big Brother"" to a 10-year-old Vietnamese boy, Alex tries... Read more

Suzanne Takes You Down

Episode 19

Soon after free lance architect Elyse Keaton hires her friend... Read more

The Fifth Wheel

Episode 20

Alex gets stuck babysitting for his little sister Jennifer, who... Read more

Stage Fright (a.k.a.) Video Jitters

Episode 21

While gearing up to face the TV cameras as captain... Read more

Elyse D'Arc

Episode 22

In her zeal for good causes Elyse devotes so much... Read more

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