Ed, Edd n Eddy
Ed, Edd n Eddy



First Aired

Jan 04, 1999


Ed, Edd n Eddy


Network: Cartoon Network

Status: Ended


"Welcome to the Cul-de-Sac. The dead-end street where three friends bound by one name spend their days concocting crazy schemes, making a mess, and generally getting on everyone's nerves. Like the time Ed sleepwalked into people's houses and ate everything in their fridges. Or the time The Eds offer the neighborhood kids a "luxury cruise" in a floating inner tube. Yup, they're just like your real friends. Only weirder. We hope."


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Mission Ed-Possible

Episode 1

Report card day is no fun for the Ed's, because... Read more

Every Which Way But Ed

Episode 2

Flashback episode that features alternate stories. The Eds try to... Read more

Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed

Episode 3

The power goes out, and everyone's wondering what happened. Ed... Read more

Cleanliness Is Next to Edness

Episode 4

Edd tries to take his morning shower, but blunders into... Read more

Out with the Old, In with the Ed

Episode 5

Eddy tries to convince the kids of the cul-de-sac (and... Read more

I Am Curious Ed

Episode 6

Sarah and Jimmy discover Jimmy's fish have babies and try... Read more

No Speak Da Ed

Episode 7

Ed receives a variety of wolf-themed gifts from his pen-pal,... Read more

Cool-Hand Ed

Episode 8

Eddy plans to break out of school, enlisting the help... Read more

Too Smart for His Own Ed

Episode 9

Edd is embarrassed to no end after losing to Ed... Read more

Who's Minding the Ed?

Episode 10

When Rolf goes to his family reunion, he puts Ed... Read more

Pick an Ed

Episode 11

After Eddy reads "Eddy is a no neck chump" on... Read more

Truth or Ed

Episode 12

Eddy starts publishing a newspaper full of lies about the... Read more

This Won't Hurt an Ed

Episode 13

When Eddy discovers that Kevin has Trypanophobia, he takes advantage... Read more

Tinker Ed

Episode 14

Due to another scam failure, Jimmy doesn't believe in fairy... Read more

The Good, The Bad and The Ed

Episode 15

Eddy tries to prove that the Urban Rangers are a... Read more

Tight End Ed

Episode 16

Peach Creek's football team must play a game against Lemon... Read more

'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place

Episode 17

Jonny invites the Ed's to the Arbor Day party. Eddy... Read more

All Eds Are Off

Episode 18

The Eds, Kevin, Rolf, and Jonny all make bets who... Read more

Smile for the Ed

Episode 19

Eddy can move into his big brother's room if he... Read more

Run Ed Run

Episode 20

Due to an argument between Eddy and Sarah about bus... Read more

A Town Called Ed

Episode 21

Eddy isn't allowed to go to Kevin's monster truck marathon... Read more

A Fistful of Ed

Episode 22

Edd accidentally hurts Lee Kanker, making everyone believe he resorts... Read more

The Eds Are Coming, The Eds Are Coming

Episode 23

Jimmy dreams that an alien space ship invades the cul-de-sac... Read more

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