Dinosaur Train
Dinosaur Train



First Aired

Sep 07, 2009


Dinosaur Train


Network: PBS

Status: Continuing


Friendly dinosaurs climb aboard a train to visit different times throughout the prehistoric age, learning about dinosaurs and having fun adventures.


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Dinosaur Big City Part 1

Episode 1

Part 1 of a one hour special where the Pteranadon... Read more

Dinosaur Big City Part 2

Episode 2

Part 2 of a one hour special where the Pteranadon... Read more

Dinosaur Big City Part 3

Episode 3

Part 3 of a one hour special where the Pteranadon... Read more

Dinosaur Big City Part 4

Episode 4

Part 4 of a one hour special where the Pteranadon... Read more

Haunted Roundhouse

Episode 5

The kids meet a nocturnal creature when their father takes... Read more

Big Pond Pumpkin Patch

Episode 6

The Pteranodons learn more about their neighbors, the Lambeosaurus family,... Read more

Stargazing on the Night Train

Episode 7

Sidney Sinovenator shows the Pteranodon family his favorite stargazing spot Read more

Get Into Nature!

Episode 8

The kids turn their beach nest into a clubhouse Read more

Shiny and Snakes

Episode 9

Dad takes the kids to find Sana Sanajeh -- the... Read more

Tiny Loves Flowers

Episode 10

The family goes to the Big Pond to find buttercups Read more

Buddy Explores The Tyrannosaurs

Episode 11

Buddy wants to learn more about his ancestors Read more

Rainy Day Fight

Episode 12

The kids must find something in nature that helps calm... Read more

That's Not A Dinosaur

Episode 13

Game rules change at the Biome Block Party so that... Read more

Tiny's Garden

Episode 14

The Nature Trackers gather seeds and bring them home to... Read more

Don's Winter Wish

Episode 15

The Pteranodons travel to the North Pole, where Don wishes... Read more

Festival of Lights

Episode 16

The Pteranodons stop to watch the aurora borealis. Read more

The Earthquake

Episode 17

The kids meet a relative of Tank Triceratops, an early... Read more

The Nursery Car

Episode 18

The kids discover that a nursery car has been added... Read more

The Lost Bird

Episode 19

The kids learn that the train has added an aviary... Read more

The Forest Fire

Episode 20

The kids take a hike through the woods, where they... Read more

Dry Times at Pteradon Terrace

Episode 21

The family camp at Big Pond during a drought Read more

Big Misty Sea Fishing Contest

Episode 22

Dad takes part in a fishing contest. Read more

Hurricane at Pteradon Terrace

Episode 23

The family ride out a hurricane in a cave Read more

Rafting the Cretaceous

Episode 24

Two refugees from across the Western Interior Sea arrive on... Read more

Dinos A-Z, Part 1: The Big Idea

Episode 25

Part 1 of 4. Tiny thinks it would be fun... Read more

Dinos A-Z, Part 2: Spread the Word

Episode 26

Part 2 of 4. Tiny thinks it would be fun... Read more

Dinos A-Z, Part 3: Classification

Episode 27

Part 3 of 4. The Pteranodon kids learn about classification.... Read more

Dinos A-Z, Part 4: Picnic

Episode 28

Conclusion. Don organizes the dinosaurs by species, features and size.... Read more

Remember the Alamosaurus

Episode 29

The kids meet some of the biggest dinosaurs, including Allie... Read more

Sunrise, Sunset

Episode 30

The kids learn about nocturnal and diurnal animals while on... Read more

A Heck of a Neck

Episode 31

The kids meet a super long dinosaur while on a... Read more

Gilbert Visits the Nest

Episode 32

Shiny is nervous about Gilbert's impending visit. Read more

An Apatosaurus Adventure

Episode 33

Apollo Apatosaurus is a long-necked, long-tailed dinosaur who likes adventure. Read more

Nature Art

Episode 34

The kids make nature art on the beach. Read more

Arnie Rides the Flatcar

Episode 35

Buddy, Tiny and Mom visit their pal Arnie Argentinosaurus, who's... Read more

Old Reliable

Episode 36

The kids visit a field of geysers and take a... Read more

Date Night

Episode 37

Read more

Rocket Train

Episode 39

Read more

Double-Crested Trouble

Episode 45

The family rides in a submarine. Read more

Erma and the Conductor

Episode 46

The family rides the submarine to meet Shoshana Shonisaurus, a... Read more

Dome-Headed Dinosaur

Episode 47

Maisie and Shiny bond when they find out neither one... Read more

Treasure Hunt

Episode 48

Baby Archelons learn their mother doesn't stay with them after... Read more

Dinosaur Train Submarine: Maisie Mosasaurus

Episode 49

King is too nervous to talk to a singer named... Read more

Dinosaur Train Submarine: Otto Ophthalmosaurus

Episode 50

Buddy bonds with another boy who was adopted. Read more

Dinosaur Train Submarine: A Sea Turtle Tale

Episode 51

The kids are left with a baby sitter for the... Read more

Dinosaur Train Submarine: Shoshana Shonisaurus

Episode 52

The new Rocket Train races the Dinosaur Train. Read more

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