Defying Gravity
Defying Gravity



First Aired

Aug 02, 2009


Defying Gravity


Network: CTV

Status: Ended


Defying Gravity is a sexy, provocative thriller set in the very near future against the backdrop of our solar system, in which the eight astronauts from five countries undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission on the spaceship Antares. They can't run from karma, however, as their past actions reveal intimate and interconnected relationships that have a strange effect on the present. As the astronauts travel towards Venus, we travel into their past with flashbacks to earlier years from the grueling selection and training process. What could have happened? Maybe there is something to this fate thing after all.


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Episode 1

Eight Astronauts-four men and four women-prepare for a six year... Read more

Natural Selection

Episode 2

A secret element in Storage Pod 4 affects the crew... Read more


Episode 3

Personal and professional relationships get more intense on Earth and... Read more


Episode 4

The Antares crew loses control over power, heat and gravity... Read more


Episode 5

The Antares crosses a point of no return and turning... Read more


Episode 6

While getting closer to Venus, some crew members are confronted... Read more


Episode 7

Hallucinations put crew members' lives in danger just as they... Read more

Love, Honor, Obey

Episode 8

An impending solar flare puts the crew in danger; the... Read more

Eve Ate the Apple

Episode 9

The crew of the Antares learns about Pod 4 and... Read more

Deja Vu

Episode 10

It's election day but the crew aboard the Antares is... Read more


Episode 11

The Antares crew has to face the isolation and loneliness... Read more


Episode 12

The day of the landing on Venus has come. The... Read more


Episode 13

After landing on the burning surface of Venus, Zoe walks... Read more

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