Cougar Town
Cougar Town



First Aired

Sep 23, 2009


Cougar Town


Network: TBS

Status: Ended


Cougar Town follows the life of recent divorcée Jules Cobb (Courteney Cox). Jules runs a successful business, has the best friends, and a great son. But when it comes to relationships, she has a lot to learn. However, the more Jules puts herself back out there, the more she discovers that the only way to find yourself, is to let yourself go. After all, you only get one chance to experience your 20s. Even if it’s when you’re 40 something.


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Dating Scene

Episode 1

We meet Jules, a woman who at her twenties took... Read more

Into the Great Wide Open

Episode 2

Jules tries to party hard like a twentysomething and ends... Read more

Don't Do Me Like That

Episode 3

Jules family and friends crash the 10th date with her... Read more

I Won't Back Down

Episode 4

When Jules inadvertently tells Grayson he's hot and he doesn't... Read more

You Wreck Me

Episode 5

Jules rues the day when her ex-husband, Bobby, and Grayson... Read more

A Woman in Love (It's Not Me)

Episode 6

When Josh tells Jules he's in love with her, she... Read more

Don't Come Around Here No More

Episode 7

Jules always seems to be with her friends, her ex... Read more

Two Gunslingers

Episode 8

Mad because her two best friends don't get along, Jules... Read more

Here Comes My Girl

Episode 9

Jules plan for a romanctic dinner for two backfires for... Read more

Mystery Man

Episode 10

Scott Foley gest stars as Jeff, a very wealthy potential... Read more

Rhino Skin

Episode 11

Despite fearing the meanest and most unrelenting dermatologist in town,... Read more

Scare Easy

Episode 12

When the relationship between Jules and her boyfriend start to... Read more

Stop Dragging My Heart Around

Episode 13

After her breakup with Jeff, Jules turns to Bobby for... Read more

All the Wrong Reasons

Episode 14

A hot tennis instructor gets between Ellie and Jules, while... Read more

When a Kid Goes Bad

Episode 15

Jules, not wanting to spend Valentine's Day alone, turns to... Read more

What Are You Doin' in My Life

Episode 16

Laurie needs a co-signer to buy her first condo and... Read more

Counting on You

Episode 17

Jules is determined to prove to Grayson that women and... Read more

Turn This Car Around

Episode 18

Sara is a confident wine rep who sets her sights... Read more

Everything Man

Episode 19

Jules and Sara hit it off, but when Grayson is... Read more

Wake Up Time

Episode 20

Jules is thrilled for the chance to take care of... Read more

Letting You Go

Episode 21

Jules has mixed feelings when Travis gets accepted to two... Read more

Feel a Whole Lot Better

Episode 22

Jules and Grayson consider the notion of FWB, friends with... Read more


Episode 23

Despite Grayson's warning, a curious Jules reads the speech without... Read more

Finding Out

Episode 24

Jules and Grayson hatch an elaborate plan to break the... Read more

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