Cake Boss
Cake Boss



First Aired

May 25, 2009


Cake Boss


Network: TLC

Status: Continuing


Buddy Valastro is one of the most successful and renowned cake artists in the United States. Master baker of Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, Buddy is the cake boss.


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Circus, Celebrity Chef & Surprise!

Episode 1

Buddy makes a special cake for the Ringling Bros. and... Read more

Shark Cake, Scooter & Smelly Fish

Episode 2

Buddy makes a great white shark cake for a fisherman;... Read more

Hot Air Balloon Cake & Happy Little Bakers

Episode 3

Buddy makes a special cake for the Make-A-Wish Foundation; he... Read more

Toilets & Textiles

Episode 4

A plumbing supply company asks Buddy to make a toilet... Read more

Ships, Sonograms, & Sister Drama

Episode 5

Buddy showcases pride in his Italian heritage by making a... Read more

Snow Globe, Story Book Cake & a Scare

Episode 6

Buddy is asked to make a snow globe cake for... Read more

Pucks, Pasteries and Pushy Grace

Episode 7

With Buddy's fourth child Carlo born, Buddy decides to leave... Read more

Staten Island Chuck, Strange Oddities and Sal

Episode 8

Buddy and his crew make a massive cake in celebration... Read more

Punches, Psychics & Piping

Episode 9

Buddy makes a cake for WWE star Santino Marella, for... Read more

Designer, Deadlines & Diagnosis

Episode 10

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi commissions Buddy to make seven fashion-inspired... Read more

Tulips, Taxes & Take It Easy

Episode 11

Buddy's doctor advises him to take it easy and not... Read more

Second Anniversary, Surgery and St. Paddy

Episode 12

Buddy undergoes surgery for his hernia; in his absence, he... Read more

Space Shuttle, Stepping Up & Surprise!

Episode 13

Buddy takes his mother on her first visit to the... Read more

Houses, Help, & Hitting the Road!

Episode 14

Buddy takes on one of his most difficult cake builds,... Read more

Headphones, Helicopters, & Handcuffed

Episode 15

Buddy makes a surprise cake for Anthony that looks like... Read more

A Big Bumblebee & A Bossy Grace

Episode 16

Buddy is asked to create a giant Bumblebee cake to... Read more

Competition, Complications, & Communion

Episode 17

Parkway Lanes hires Buddy to make a cake commemorating the... Read more

Bugs, Break Ups & Burned-out

Episode 18

An entomologist wants Buddy to make a cake for his... Read more

Moving Cake, Marbles & Mess Ups

Episode 19

A veteran go-kart driver wanted a cake made for the... Read more

Cheeseburgers, Cures and a Challenge

Episode 20

Buddy makes a cake for a hamburger enthusiast; this encourages... Read more

Campfire, Computers and a Concern

Episode 21

Maddalena takes an order for a camping cake, but when... Read more

Prize Cow, Pop-Tarts & Patience

Episode 22

The bakers make a cake for a dairy farmer's prize... Read more

Chandelier Cake & a Christening

Episode 23

Buddy is asked to create one of his most challenging... Read more

Paleontology & Popping the Question

Episode 24

Buddy gets an unusual request from a client: the curator... Read more

State Fair, Syracuse Bound & Special Anniversary

Episode 25

Buddy and the crew are commissioned by the State Fair... Read more

Transport Troubles & Two Brides

Episode 26

The owner of a Rolls Royce dealership from Chicago requests... Read more

A Funny Regis & Fifty Weddings

Episode 27

Talk show host Regis Philbin stops by Carlo's to learn... Read more

Bees, Beware & Business

Episode 28

Carlo's is all abuzz this week when Buddy makes a... Read more

Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress

Episode 29

Racecar superstar Danica Patrick stops by Carlo's with a special... Read more

Spirits & Spumoni

Episode 30

Buddy makes a cake of the Jersey Devil for a... Read more

Coffins, Costumes and a Cake on a Gurney

Episode 31

Buddy makes what could be one of the most unusual... Read more

Soap, Sonograms & Surprise

Episode 32

Carlo's Bakery is bubbling over this week when Buddy makes... Read more

Props, Pies, & Party Time!

Episode 33

Maurizio is turning 21! Watch the guys put together a... Read more

Church Cake, Carats and Castano's Pool Party

Episode 34

Buddy makes a church cake for Joey and Grace's 20th... Read more

Bling, Barbecue & Blueprints

Episode 35

Buddy is asked to make the most expensive cake in... Read more

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