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Mar 28, 2010




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This high octane series tells the dramatic stories of some of the most ingenious jailbreaks in recent history, and the detective work that led to the successful recapture of escapees. Each breakout is told from the perspectives of the criminals and the teams who hunt them down.


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Escape from Supermax

Episode 1

Convicted armed robber Roy Harper is serving an 88-year sentence... Read more

Tunnel Break

Episode 2

When convict Lance Battreal hears of his father's heart attack,... Read more

Freedom Fighter Escape

Episode 3

It's 1976, the South African government is imprisoning radicals who... Read more

The Real MacGyver

Episode 4

For a dead man walking, escape seems impossible, but life... Read more

Escape from the Indian River

Episode 6

Rondell Reed's argument with his boss turns deadly and he's... Read more

Southsider Gang Escape

Episode 7

Gang members Tommy Valdez, Johnathon 'Snoopy' Rodriguez and Arturo Torres... Read more

Keys to Success

Episode 8

Keys are what locked them up, so why not use... Read more

The Connecticut Conspiracy

Episode 9

In a Connecticut maximum security prison, Ronald Rutan meets Frank... Read more


Episode 10

Two inmates desperate for their freedom devise a sophisticated plan... Read more

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