Blue Mountain State
Blue Mountain State



First Aired

Jan 11, 2010


Blue Mountain State


Network: Spike TV

Status: Ended


Three incoming freshmen attending Midwestern college football powerhouse Blue Mountain State must quickly adapt to college life and juggle football, girls, classes and nonstop hazing.


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Episode 1

Thad sets off an investigation after being sodomized during a... Read more

The Fingering

Episode 2

The Cheerleaders institute Hell Week, Alex and Radon compete for... Read more

Born Again

Episode 3

The entire team attempts celibacy as a way to improve... Read more

Pay For Play

Episode 4

The team finds itself in an awkward position when agents... Read more


Episode 5

Alex, Thad and Radon are each contacted by a mysterious... Read more


Episode 6

The campus nerds revolt, leaving the jocks unable to function... Read more


Episode 7

Alex has a romantic encounter with the woman who is... Read more

Vision Quest

Episode 8

With the campus empty of everyone else except for him,... Read more

The Badger

Episode 9

With Blue Mountain State's latest rivalry weekend well underway, Alex... Read more


Episode 10

Alex becomes the backup goalie for the BMS hockey team... Read more

Drunk Tank

Episode 11

In a bid to teach them a lesson, Thad gets... Read more

Trap Game

Episode 12

BMS has an 11-0 rating. The final game is coming... Read more


Episode 13

A riot breaks out after the final game of the... Read more

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