First Aired

Oct 05, 2004




Network: TV Tokyo

Status: Ended


From creator Tite Kubo, comes the story of a world where death lurks impalpable to an everyday human's eyes. Ichigo Kurosaki helps run a local clinic with his family but Ichigo has the unusual ability to see poltergeists but rather than react with surprise he merely sees it as an annoyance. Ichigo helps those when he cares but can't bring himself to care enough... until one fateful day. A small, mysterious woman appears on duty inside his room, a Soul Reaper known as Rukia. Soon enough Ichigo and Rukia get formal in the oddest of ways and in such an untimely matter the losses begin. The Kurosaki family is soon attacked. This leads Ichigo on his first step to accepting the roles and responsibility's a Soul Reaper must uphold.


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3rd Year High School Student! Dressed Up, and a New Chapter Begins!

Episode 1

Seventeen months after the defeat of Sōsuke Aizen, Ichigo Kurosaki... Read more

A Dispute in School?! Ichigo and Uryuu, Fight Together!

Episode 2

Ichigo and Uryū dispatch the gang with ease but are... Read more

Uryū is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends!

Episode 3

While walking at night, Ichigo decides to forgo his past... Read more

The Man with the Fullbring Ability - Kugo Ginjo

Episode 4

After contacting Ginjo, Ichigo is lead to the Xcution headquarters... Read more

A Creeping Danger in the Kurosaki Family?! Ichigo's Confusion!

Episode 5

Ishida's assailant stabs an incomplete hollow and asks for its... Read more

Power of the Substitute Badge, Ichigo's 'Pride'!

Episode 6

Ichigo begins training to regain his Soul Reaper powers at... Read more

Next Target, The Devil's Hand Aims at Orihime!

Episode 7

On her way home from school, Orihime is suddenly stopped... Read more

The Man Who Killed A Shinigami Substitute?! Tsukishima Makes His Move

Episode 8

Tsuskishima pretends to impale Orihime's chest and leaves her. Although... Read more

Fullbring, The Detested Power!

Episode 9

Ichigo continues his fullbring training, but desires to actually battle... Read more

Tsukishima Attacks! The Training Has Been Thwarted

Episode 10

Ichigo continues his training with Jackie Tristan. While at first... Read more

Ichigo, Mastering the Fullbring!

Episode 11

Tsukishima, wanting to kill Ichigo Kurosaki, proceeds to battle against... Read more

Ichigo vs. Ginjō! To the Game's Space

Episode 12

While trying to master fullbring, Ichigo is taken to a... Read more

The Shinigami Enter Battle! Seireitei Also Has a New Year Special!

Episode 13

During the 17-month time skip, the Soul Reapers of the... Read more

Foe or Friend?! Ginjō's Unseen Heart!

Episode 14

Ichigo continues his training with Kugo Ginjo while Orihime heals... Read more

Creeping Menace...Tsukishima's Ability!

Episode 15

After Ichigo achieved the final level of Fullbring, he spends... Read more

Clash?! Xcution Attacks Ginjō

Episode 16

After putting the finishing touches on his plan, Tsukishima activates... Read more

The Sorrowful Battle! Ichigo vs. Sado & Orihime!

Episode 17

While contemplating what to do next concerning Tsukishima's Fullbring, Ginjō... Read more

Ichigo vs. Uryū?! Who is the Traitor!

Episode 18

Ichigo continues his battle with Tsukishima, but is unable to... Read more

A New Appearance! Meet the Gotei 13!

Episode 19

Kugo is able to take Ichigo's Fullbring and apply its... Read more

Revival! Substitute Shinigami・Ichigo Kurosaki!

Episode 20

Ichigo continues to fight Kugo Ginjo with his new Soul... Read more

Fierce Fight! Shinigami vs. XCUTION!

Episode 21

Uryu comes to assist Ichigo in his battle against Ginjō.... Read more

Desperate Struggle!? Byakuya's Troubled Memories

Episode 22

Byakuya starts his battle with Tsukishima, but must contend with... Read more

Ichigo vs. Ginjō! Secret of the Substitute Badge

Episode 23

Ichigo and Uryu continue their battle with Kugo Ginjo. However,... Read more

Changing History, Unchanging Heart

Episode 24

The battle between Ichigo and Ginjo comes to a close... Read more

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