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Dec 02, 2008


Byakuya's Bankai, the Quiet Anger

Season 10 Episode 8




Zommari, upset over Byakuya refusing to consider him an equal opponent, releases his zanpakuto, Brujeria, causing him to grow eyes all over his body that can control anything. He attempts to hinder Byakuya by controlling his left leg and arm, but Byakuya, realizing what is going on, severs the tendons and renders them useless. Hanatarou arrives and tries to get Rukia to safety, but Zommari uses his ability to control Rukia, who severely wounds Hanatarou, and demands that Byakuya surrender under the threat of making Rukia kill herself. Byakuya immobilizes Rukia with kido, and uses his bankai to attack Zommari, who is unable to control the countless blades to save himself.

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