Black Books
Black Books



First Aired

Sep 29, 2000


Black Books


Network: Channel 4

Status: Ended


Black Books is a second-hand bookshop in London run by an Irishman named Bernard Black. He is probably the planet's worst-suited person to run such an establishment: he makes no effort to sell, closes at strange hours on a whim, is in a perpetual alcoholic stupor, abhors his customers (sometimes physically abusing them) and is often comatose at his desk. Help comes in the lumpy shape of Manny Bianco, a hairy, bumbling individual who (almost by osmosis) becomes Bernard's assistant. Manny is not exactly great at the job either but he is a million times better than Bernard. Next door is Fran, an anxious, frustrated woman who runs a sort of new-age shop selling the most unlikely bits of arty junk. Fran is friends with Bernard and, through him, with Manny; together the trio become embroiled in escapades that are sometimes extreme or violent or fantastically ludicrous, and always bizarre.


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Manny Come Home

Episode 1

Fran returns from a vacation in Cornwall to discover Manny... Read more

Elephants and Hens

Episode 2

It is International Children's Book Week, and Bernard and Manny... Read more

Moo-Ma and Moo-Pa

Episode 3

Manny is panicking about the impending visit of his parents... Read more

A Little Flutter

Episode 4

Manny places a bet on the Grand National for Bernard... Read more

Travel Writer

Episode 5

Manny organises a travel-writing festival and invites a charming explorer... Read more


Episode 6

Fed up with being stuck in the dusty old bookshop... Read more

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