Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom
Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom



First Aired

Apr 14, 2010


Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom


Network: Nick Jr.

Status: Ended


Somewhere hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of elves and fairies. Everyone who lives here is very, very small. The Little Kingdom is home to Princess Holly and her best friend Ben Elf. Holly is a young fairy who is still learning how to do magic properly. Ben is an elf and elves don't do magic, but they are very good at making things. Along with their friends, Ben and Holly have lots of magical fun and exciting adventures playing together in the Little Kingdom.


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Giants in the Meadow

Episode 1

Lucy's dad is digging up the meadow and the Little... Read more

Mrs Fig's Magic School

Episode 2

Holly goes to school for the first time, to learn... Read more

Daisy and Poppy's Playgroup

Episode 3

After the disappearance of Mrs Fotheringill, the twins have had... Read more

No Magic Day

Episode 4

When the fairies wake up to find that their wands... Read more


Episode 5

When King and Queen Thistle ask Nanny Plum and the... Read more

Hard Times

Episode 6

The fairy kingdom is left without food because there is... Read more

Gaston Goes to School

Episode 7

Strawberry introduces her new pet to her classmates and everyone... Read more

Elf Rescue

Episode 8

When Redbeard, who is giving Nanny Plum, Ben and Holly... Read more

Lucy's School

Episode 9

Holly and Ben spend a day at Lucy's school, but... Read more

Baby Dragon

Episode 10

The children adopt a new pet - a dragon named... Read more

Dolly Plum

Episode 11

Daisy and Poppy turn Nanny Plum into a doll. Soon,... Read more

The Lost City

Episode 12

When Redbeard the Pirate goes in search of the Lost... Read more

The Shooting Star

Episode 13

The Wise Old Elf fears an alien invasion after a... Read more

Nanny's Magic Test

Episode 14

Nanny Plum's magic licence is out of date and she... Read more

Gaston To The Rescue

Episode 15

After banning Gaston from the castle, the elves and fairies... Read more

Miss Cookie's Nature Trail

Episode 16

Miss Cookie organizes a nature trail for Lucy [the little... Read more

The New Wand

Episode 17

Holly's wand catches a cold, and she gets a new... Read more


Episode 18

In a homage to the 60's Batman series, Ben, Holly... Read more

Mrs Witch's Spring Clean

Episode 19

Ben, Holly and Nanny Plum help Mrs Witch with a... Read more

The Fruit Harvest

Episode 20

Rosie, Ben and Holly help out on the day of... Read more

Uncle Gaston

Episode 21

Gaston's brother Tony and his family comes to visit, and... Read more


Episode 22

King Thistle decides on home improvement to impress King and... Read more

Big Ben and Holly

Episode 23

When a spell goes wrong, Ben and Holly grow to... Read more

Daisy and Poppy Go Bananas

Episode 24

Madness, mayhem, and devastation is caused in the Little Kingdom... Read more

Mr Elf takes a Holiday

Episode 25

Mr Elf is overworked so King Thistle sentences Mr Elf... Read more

Honey Bees

Episode 26

Ben and Holly visit the beehive to learn how honey... Read more

Lucy's Sleepover

Episode 27

After Holly makes her small enough to play in the... Read more

Miss Jolly's Riding Club

Episode 28

The children go on a snail trek with Miss Jolly.... Read more


Episode 29

Spring is in the air in the Little Kingdom, which... Read more

Pirate Treasure

Episode 30

Ben, Holly, Captain Redbeard and Nanny Plum go on a... Read more

Gaston Goes to the Vet

Episode 31

Ben goes on holiday with his parents, but the holiday... Read more

Granny and Granpapa

Episode 32

Everyone in the Little Kingdom and the Wise Old Elf... Read more

The Dwarf Mine

Episode 33

Ben and Holly discover holes popping up all over the... Read more

Lucy's Elf and Fairy Party

Episode 34

Ben and Holly and their friends are invited to Lucy's... Read more

Planet Bong (1)

Episode 35

Zyros contacts Ben and Holly, and asks for the Wise... Read more

Planet Bong (2)

Episode 36

Ben and Holly and their friends go to Zyros' home... Read more

The Queen Bakes Cakes

Episode 37

A cake sale is held to raise money to fix... Read more

The Witch Competition

Episode 38

Mrs Witch must come out of retirement when a young... Read more

The Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Episode 39

Naughty Daisy and Poppy cast a spell that sends their... Read more

Fox Cubs

Episode 41

Read more

The Very Important Person

Episode 43

A Very Important Person is coming to the Little Kingdom,... Read more

Bunty II

Episode 44

Mr Elf sails his new boat 'Bunty II', but Big... Read more

Father's Day

Episode 45

A Father's Day-themed episode of Ben and Holly. Read more

Gaston's Birthday

Episode 46

After Ben and Holly realises that Gaston has one new... Read more

The Mermaid

Episode 47

Ben and Holly meet a mermaid, and with the help... Read more

Daisy and Poppy Go To The Museum

Episode 48

Daisy and Poppy cause untold havoc in a museum! Read more

Gaston is Lost

Episode 50

Ben and Holly must find Gaston, who is lost. Read more

Ben and Holly's Christmas (1)

Episode 51

Father Christmas pays a surprise visit to The Little Kingdom... Read more

Ben and Holly's Christmas (2)

Episode 52

Ben and Holly set out on a Christmas rescue mission... Read more

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