Bates Motel
Bates Motel



First Aired

Mar 18, 2013


Bates Motel


Network: A&E

Status: Continuing


After the death of her husband, Norma Bates buys a motel in the picturesque coastal town of White Pine Bay, giving herself and teenage son Norman a chance to begin anew. Shy Norman is reluctant at first, but with the help of his mother -- with whom he shares an intensely close relationship -- the boy begins to open up to others and make new friends. Some locals, however, aren't as friendly and welcoming to the Bates, who discover that because White Pine Bay isn't as peaceful as it appears, they are forced to do whatever it takes to survive.


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A Danger to Himself and Others

Episode 1

Norma searches for Norman, who finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings;... Read more

Goodnight, Mother

Episode 2

Norma and Norman each suspect the other of a terrible... Read more

'Til Death Do You Part

Episode 3

Norma and Romero take a big step together; Norman attempts... Read more

Lights of Winter

Episode 4

Norman and his new friend have an adventure; Norma experiences... Read more


Episode 5

Norman worries about revealing too much to Dr. Edwards; Norma... Read more

The Vault

Episode 6

Norman uncovers painful truths as his therapy progresses; Norma works... Read more

There's No Place Like Home

Episode 7

Norman returns home after making an unanticipated discovery; Norma takes... Read more


Episode 8

Norma is torn between Norman and Romero; during a holiday... Read more


Episode 9

Alex has several heart to heart's while Norma is busy... Read more


Episode 10

Norman plans a special event for his mother; Romero experiences... Read more

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