Bang Goes the Theory
Bang Goes the Theory



First Aired

Jul 27, 2009


Bang Goes the Theory


Network: BBC One

Status: Running


Dallas Campbell, Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield and Dr. Yan Wong take on the scientific world by devising their own ingenious ways of explaining cutting-edge developments in technology.


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Fuel for Free

Episode 1

The team investigates why petrol costs so much, and whether... Read more

Is Life Too Loud

Episode 2

The team asks whether modern life is damaging our ears.... Read more

Cyber Security

Episode 3

Liz finds out how safe digital storage formats such as... Read more


Episode 4

Dallas learns how people in crowds can cooperate subconsciously. Liz... Read more

Wireless Signals

Episode 5

The team look at the health implications of wireless signals... Read more


Episode 6

Jem dreams of flying under his own power by pedalling... Read more


Episode 7

The team looks at some of the biggest travel nightmares.... Read more

Humans and Dogs

Episode 8

The team sets out to discover what is behind our... Read more

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