Bang Goes the Theory
Bang Goes the Theory



First Aired

Jul 27, 2009


Bang Goes the Theory


Network: BBC One

Status: Running


Dallas Campbell, Liz Bonnin, Jem Stansfield and Dr. Yan Wong take on the scientific world by devising their own ingenious ways of explaining cutting-edge developments in technology.


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Oil Spill Disaster

Episode 1

In this episode, the team investigate the recent Gulf of... Read more

Sunburn, Smarter, Square Wheels

Episode 2

In the second episode of the series, the team take... Read more

Jetlag, Solar System, Square Wheeled Motorbike

Episode 3

Liz conducts an experiment into jetlag and how to avoid... Read more

Weather, Wave Power and Evolution

Episode 4

Dallas looks at the origins of our weather and explains... Read more

Icelandic Volcano Eruption, Gambling in Vegas, Solar Furnaces

Episode 5

Liz visits the volcano that brought Britain to a standstill,... Read more

Ice Boat, Comets, Hypothermia

Episode 6

Jem faces his toughest challenge yet: to build a boat... Read more

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