Back to the Future
Back to the Future



First Aired

Sep 14, 1991


Back to the Future


Network: CBS

Status: Ended


Based on the highly successful Back to the Future movie trilogy, this series is set, um, "after" the events of the last film, as the adventures of Marty McFly and Doc Brown in their DeLorean time machine continue. Joining the ride is Clara, (Doc's wife from Back To The Future Part III,) Jules and Verne (their sons) Einstein the dog and Jennifer (Marty's girlfriend). And apparently there's a Tannen in every time as relatives of Biff keep popping up, and creating conflict. Mary Steenburgen and Tom Wilson reprise their roles from the movies. During live portions of the show, Christopher Lloyd reprised his role as Doc Brown and was joined by Bill Nye, who conducted experiments that were used in the show.


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Mac the Black

Episode 1

Marty and Verne travel to 1500s Caribbean, where Verne hopes... Read more

Put on Your Thinking Caps, Kids! It's Time for Mr. Wisdom!

Episode 2

Marty and Verne meet Mr. Wisdom, who hosts a popular... Read more

A Friend In Deed

Episode 3

After Biff plans to evict Jennifer's family from their ranch,... Read more

Marty McFly PFC

Episode 4

On a trip to the 1940s, Verne enters a dance... Read more

Verne's New Friend

Episode 5

Verne and his new friend, Chris, go see a 1930s... Read more

Bravelord and the Demon Monstrux

Episode 6

Characters from Verne's new favorite video game, BraveLord and Monstrux,... Read more

The Money Tree

Episode 7

Jules tries to grow a money tree to become popular... Read more

A Verne by Any Other Name

Episode 8

Verne gets sick of his name after kids keep making... Read more

Hill Valley Brown-Out

Episode 9

Just before the Founder's Day Celebration, the town loses all... Read more

My Pop's an Alien

Episode 10

After finding a strange craft in Doc's bushes, Biff claims... Read more

Super Doc

Episode 11

Marty and the boys learn Doc had a stint in... Read more

St. Louis Blues

Episode 12

While at the Brown house, Doc's hair cutting invention wreaks... Read more

Verne Hatches an Egg

Episode 13

Verne uses the DeLorean to look for something to bring... Read more

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