American Ninja Warrior
American Ninja Warrior


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First Aired

Dec 12, 2009


American Ninja Warrior


Network: NBC

Status: Running


The heart-racing obstacle-course competition of ultra-athletes questing for a shot at the fabled Mt. Midoriyama. This American version of the Japanese show Sasuke (aka Ninja Warrior) televises a series of qualification courses across the nation, with the top contenders going to Las Vegas for the finals on the 4-stage "Mt. Midoriyama" obstacle course. In earlier seasons the show was a proving ground to find (and train) American athletes to send to Japan to compete in the original Sasuke tournaments.


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Venice Qualifying

Episode 1

In the 1st Qualifying Round from Venice Beach, California, competitors... Read more

Kansas City Qualifying

Episode 2

Qualifying comes to Kansas City, Missouri where competitors face new... Read more

Houston Qualifying

Episode 3

Qualifying comes to Houston, Texas where competitors tackle 6 obstacles,... Read more

Orlando Qualifying

Episode 4

Fearless competitors tackle obstacles, including the new Tire Swing and... Read more

Pittsburgh Qualifying

Episode 5

Pittsburgh, PA's historic Carrie Furnace will host the fifth qualifying... Read more

Military Qualifying

Episode 6

The qualifying rounds continue with a very special all-military cast... Read more

Venice Finals

Episode 7

The top 30 competitors from the Venice Qualifier tackle the... Read more

Kansas City Finals

Episode 8

The top 30 competitors from the Kansas City Qualifier tackle... Read more

Houston Finals

Episode 9

The top 30 competitors from the Houston Qualifier tackle the... Read more

Orlando Finals

Episode 10

The top 30 competitors from the Orlando Qualifier tackle the... Read more

Pittsburgh Finals

Episode 11

The top 30 competitors from the Pittsburgh Qualifier tackle the... Read more

Military Finals

Episode 12

The top 30 competitors from the Military Qualifier tackle the... Read more

Best Runs of 2015

Episode 13

Re-live the best moments from the season so far during... Read more

Vegas Finals

Episode 14

For the start of the finals in Las Vegas, Nevada,... Read more

Vegas Finals 2

Episode 15

The finals continue in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the remaining... Read more

Vegas Finals 3

Episode 16

In the last night of the Las Vegas finals, competitors... Read more

All Stars

Episode 17

“American Ninja Warrior” celebrates the 7th season with its first-ever... Read more

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