First Aired

Sep 22, 1986




Network: NBC

Status: Ended


The Tanner family is an average American family. One day, they discover that they have a visitor. He's small, he's furry, he's arrogant, and he's an alien from the planet Melmac. Unsure what to do, they name him ALF: Alien Life Form. Alf soon decides that as much as he misses his home planet, there's a lot to be said for Earth: the Tanners are willing to concede anything as long as he doesn't announce his presence. Oh yeah, the the Tanners also have a cat, which looks rather tasty...


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Stop in the Name of Love

Episode 1

ALF hides out in the back seat during Lynn's date... Read more

Stairway to Heaven

Episode 2

In a fantasy sequence, ALF's guardian angel shows him what... Read more

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Episode 3

The Tanners let Trevor Ochmonek stay at their house after... Read more

Tonight, Tonight (1)

Episode 4

ALF hosts "The Tonight Show", with Ed McMahon. Read more

Tonight, Tonight (2)

Episode 5

ALF hosts "The Tonight Show", with Ed McMahon. Read more

Promises, Promises

Episode 6

Betrayed confidences cause a falling-out between ALF and Lynn. Read more

Turkey in the Straw (1)

Episode 7

The Tanners are invited to a Thanksgiving dinner with the... Read more

Turkey in the Straw (2)

Episode 8

ALF must avoid the Alien Task Force when a bum... Read more


Episode 9

Kate goes back to work when a strike sends Willie... Read more

My Back Pages

Episode 10

Seeing Willie and Kate reminiscing over their old stuff in... Read more

Alone Again, Naturally

Episode 11

ALF mistakenly believes his cousin is living in Barstow, when... Read more

Do You Believe in Magic?

Episode 12

ALF makes Brian disappear with a mail-order magic kit. Read more

Hide Away

Episode 13

ALF is convinced gangsters are chasing the Tanners' houseguest. Read more

Fight Back

Episode 14

ALF's expose earns Willie a guest spot on David Horowitz's... Read more

Suspicious Minds

Episode 15

ALF is convinced that a reclusive neighbor is actually Elvis... Read more

Baby Love

Episode 16

ALF has an allergic reaction to a baby. Read more

Running Scared

Episode 17

An extortionist threatens to turn ALF in to the immigration... Read more

Standing in the Shadows of Love

Episode 18

ALF ghostwrites Jake's love letters. Read more


Episode 19

ALF blames his streak of bad luck on a Melmac... Read more

Torn Between Two Lovers

Episode 20

Lynn ends up with two dates for a dance through... Read more

Funeral for a Friend

Episode 21

Desperate for a pet of his own, ALF acquires an... Read more

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Episode 22

ALF and Jake suggest Brian camp out to overcome his... Read more

Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadow?

Episode 23

ALF sees Jake's kleptomaniac mother arrives for a visit, and... Read more

Like an Old Time Movie

Episode 24

ALF imagines in black and white that he and the... Read more

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Episode 25

ALF prepares for the worst after experiencing a mild earthquake. Read more

Having My Baby

Episode 26

ALF prepares for the baby's arrival by re-enacting scenes from... Read more

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